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Sony 4K Projectors

Three New Home Cinema Projectors by Sony

All three feature packed 4K HDR projectors, from the cost effective VPL-VW260ES to the premium VPL-VW760ES, have breathtakingly picture quality.

So, you are watching the latest action film or a sporting event you will feel truly immersed in the experience.

Sony VPL-VW260 £5199.00

The VW260 is a brand new native 4K projector added to the range as Sony are now filtering down their 4K SXRD chipset to make native 4K projection even more affordable.

Sony VPL-VW360 £6999.00

The new VW360 will replace the outgoing VW320. The new VW360 has a much improved specification and functionality over the outgoing model.

Sony VPL-VW760 £14999.00

The VW760 is a premium laser light source projector in a compact design.

Sony are filtering down their laser light source technology with the VW760.

It will replace the outgoing highly acclaimed VW1100 and is at a much lower price point than the VW1100 was.

Sony 4k Projectors AVAILABILITY

The VW260 & VW360 will be available now.

The VW760 lands on UK shores in October.