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Devialet Core

From the 17th October 2017, the Expert Pro range will break new ground, by becoming more connected and even more evolutive.

Devialet Core

Core is the all-new much anticipated electronic brain featuring Devialet OS. It will allow your Expert Pro to connect through the following new features

UPnP Renderer



In the following months after this upgrade, many other services will be added to your Expert Pro system via simple and free updates.

To name but a few





WEB Radios

From October 2017 we will contact all our customers with Expert Pro’s, whilst your unit is away being upgraded we will of course lend you an Expert Pro to use, we anticipate the upgrade time to be 10 – 14 days.

Cost for the upgrade will be free of charge, for all that have purchased Original d”Atelier, All Expert Pro owners.