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New Products from Musical Fidelity

The incredible Nu-Vista Vinyl.

It has 5 inputs; each can be separately configured for MC/MM with adjustable impedance and capacitance. It then remembers each setting.

Vanishingly low distortion, almost perfect RIAA correction (up to 60kHz), completely quiet (no audible background noise), fabulous stereo separation, and huge overload margin. A technical bench mark.

And then there are the Nuvistor’s, which impart that magical glow to the sound, without colouration.

You hear the music as never before.

The build quality and design simply reflects the internal perfection.

There will be a limited number and sold on a first come first served basis

Priced at £3,300. Available Now


The M6SDAC is a high quality 32bit/768kHz, re-clocking, true up-sampling DAC.

At its heart the M6SDAC has a state-of-the-art 32/768 up-sampling DAC which operates in DSD.

It gives incredible technical performance: very low distortion, excellent S/N ratio, very wide bandwidth, amazing linearity, perfectly flat frequency response, fantastic separation.

3 X Coax inputs, up to 32 bits/ 368kHz

3 X Optical inputs, up to 32 bits/ 192kHz

1 X USB input: DSD 64/128, PCM up to 32bits 768kHz

The headphone output is ultra-low impedance and will easily drive any headphone to its maximum potential.

The M6SDAC has very low impedance single ended and balanced outputs which are either fixed or variable (so it can be used as a preamp) . They will drive any preamp or power amp over any cable length.

Its retail price will be £1499.00, available NOW