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Questyle Golden series

Questyle Golden series

 The Questyle desktop series has already challenged test equipment to the limit, with THD decreased to an extremely low level.

The Questyle Golden series does not aim to improve measurements for THD and SNR.  In both Questyle’s high-end headphone systems, by careful choice of audio components, parts and transmission medium, the audio specification is the same.

However, under audition significant improvements can be heard.

The CMA800R Golden, CMA800P Golden and CAS192D Golden incorporate Rogers ceramic PCBs, one of the three largest suppliers in the world. Although the cost is 10 times more than an ordinary FR-4 PCB, there are benefits over the commonly used circuit materials.

Permittivity and dielectric loss are amongst the lowest available and the dielectric constant is stable in a wide frequency range (up to 10G), ensuring only 1/10 of the signal loss when compared with regular PCBs .

Ceramic PCBs are also 5 times better at conducting heat and more resistant to high temperature, able to work stably at 280 degrees Celsius.

The ultra-low coefficient of thermal expansion is advantageous when used in Class A amplifier design, allowing greater stability as equipment becomes hotter under prolonged use.

Ceramic PCB boards and ceramic components are widely used for high performance military instruments and machines as they offer excellent radio frequency interference rejection and operational stability.

The Rogers ceramic PCB and component upgrades featured in the Golden series significantly improve the overall sound and offer remarkable dynamic range.