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Atoll Electronique

Atoll Electronique

21st April 2018

Atoll Electronique ATOLL ELECTRONIQUE’S founded in September 1997 by 2 brothers: Stéphane & Emmanuel DUBREUIL. Their philosophy was to address a lack in the market of no reasonably priced true high-end audio electronics for budget-conscious audiophiles. Now available at Audio Venue Atoll Electronique Integrated amplifiers IN80se £849.00 IN200 sig £1795.00 IN400 Atoll Electronique CD players… Read more »

Arcam New Hifi Range

Arcam New Hifi Range

6th April 2018

Arcam New Hifi Range SA10 Integrated amplifier £699.00 Finally it is within our grasp! The long awaited replacement to the multi-award winning A19 is here. The SA10 amplifier is an ultra-low distortion type Class A/B amplifier similar to the A19. The SA10 has 5x analogue inputs (1x line/MM switchable) and 3x digital inputs (2x SPDIF… Read more »


Bluesound Coming soon

9th March 2018

Bluesound We will be stocking the full range of Bluesound products, details below Vault 2 £1099.00 Stream It In High-Res Anywhere You Want. All Without A Computer. A 2 TB hard drive will let you rapidly rip all your CDs in lossless high-resolution or space-saving MP3 formats, and download and store high-res tracks. No computer… Read more »

ND 555

Naim Audio New Network players

23rd February 2018

Naim Audio New Network players What is different ? The new network players will supercede the current generation, bringing the NP800 new streaming platform to the Classic Series and now 500 Series for the first time. The update will include faster bit-rate audio, a colour display for NDX and ND555 and online over the air… Read more »

Final D8000 Headphones

Final D8000 Headphones

20th February 2018

Final D8000 Headphones D8000 Final reinvented the planar magnetic model driver with AFDS (Air Film Damping System) With the development of the new AFDS (Air Film Damping System), Final have achieved sound quality that has both the sensitive high ranges of planar magnetic models and the volume and open feel bass tones of dynamic models. This… Read more »


Chord Qutest

10th January 2018

Chord Qutest Chord Electronics has launched the most advanced compact DAC on the planet: Qutest. A highly accomplished standalone device, the new Qutest is based on the latest proprietary Rob Watts’ FPGA technology developed for the class-leading Hugo 2 DAC/headphone amp. Chord Qutest uses an all-new precision-machined aluminium chassis and includes several new features, including… Read more »

Sennheiser HD 820

Sennheiser HD 820

Sennheiser HD 820 With these ground breaking closed dynamic headphones passionate music lovers can now enjoy their music at an audiophile level wherever they please, at home or on the move. Featuring unique glass transducer covers that minimise resonances, the Sennheiser HD 820 are simply the most transparent-sounding closed headphones in the world, extending the… Read more »

PMC cor

PMC cor

8th January 2018

PMC cor New amplifier is pure PMC, right to the cor PMC introduce the “cor”, the company’s first consumer integrated amplifier, to the global audiophile market; bringing its holistic design philosophy to high-end electronics, for pure analogue music reproduction. The PMC cor integrated is an amplifier that adds no sonic character of its own to… Read more »

Luxman L-509X

7th November 2017

Luxman L-509X LUXMAN will soon be releasing a new flagship AB class integrated amplifier L-509X. Featuring the performance of separate amplifiers in a single unit, this is truly their ideal goal, to have functionality as well as quality. They have poured all the experience and technology gained from years of developing amplifiers into this upcoming… Read more »

ATI Amplifiers

ATI Amplifiers

19th October 2017

ATI Amplifiers About Amplifier Technologies ATI assemble all products in their 50,000-square-foot Southern California factory. Everything is built 100 percent to their specifications, and they monitor every aspect of the quality-control process themselves. ATI provides solutions to virtually any audio/video situation, from basic stereo or whole-house audio installations to the most robust home theater set-up…. Read more »