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Loewe bild 5

From £1199.00

bild 5 Made in Germany with Love and Passion. TV experience with a feel-good factor For purists inspired by cutting-edge technology and outstanding design. The bild 5 is multi-talented. It is a real home entertainment hub, perfectly connected to allow maximum flexibility. Every detail is carefully conceived. An unparalleled choice of materials, colours and set-up options pave the way… Read more »

Bild 7

Loewe Bild 7

From £4490.00

Bild 7 Introducing Bild 7 designed and engineered to be world’s finest TV Loewe’s first OLED television combines cutting-edge technology with state-of-the-art design Loewe Bild 7’s state-of the-art OLED panel is custom-made for Loewe by LG to the very highest specification currently available. To this universally acclaimed panel technology Loewe adds a host of specialties,… Read more »




OLED55E6V 4K OLED Fusing OLED tech with 4K resolution, this set’s Infinite Contrast and Cinematic Colour make viewing simply one-of-a-kind. OLED pixels are self-lighting, meaning that they can switch on-and-off individually to conjure inky blacks and super-bright whites. Revolutionary OLED HDR Forays into colour-boosting High Dynamic Range (HDR) have begun, and LG are one of… Read more »

Samsung TV 4K UHD Flat

From £1,699.00

Ultra High Definition TV’s. The Samsung 7500 series 4K UHD LED TV’s offers four times more detail than FHD, brighter and richer colours and the ability to let you enjoy all your favourite live TV shows and Blu-ray discs clearer than ever before, the 7500 Series is the must-have TV’s for your living rooms .Colours… Read more »

Samsung TV JS9500 Series

From £5999.00

Samsungs Latest SUHD TV’s. Sensational picture and premium colour The television of tomorrow is here today, presenting the JS9500 Samsung’s all-new premium SUHD TV, designed to excite all your senses. Using ground breaking Nano Crystal Technology, the backlight panel emits radiant light to create outstandingly precise and rich colours. Experience a spectacular range of shades,… Read more »