Connected Fidelity

Connected Fidelity

Michael Osborn, designer, engineer, manufacturer, and lifelong music lover, has been working in the Hi-Fi industry for over 30 years.

He initially designed and launched the Astin Trew brand audio electronics ranges, then moved into audio products Distribution, introducing brands such as Astell n Kern and Hana cartridges to the UK during his long and successful career in the audio industry.

As an inveterate designer and maker, Michael has throughout his career continued to design and develop products for his own use when nothing in the market fitted his sense of what makes music in the home sound so good and ended up selling these products to fellow audiophiles in an ad-hoc way mostly through word of mouth.

He has also helped fellow audiophiles develop products they were working on and will be launching some of these through connected-fidelity™ when they fulfil a need in the market and pass the connected-fidelity™ sound-quality seal of approval!

So, connected-fidelity™ is the brand that now offers these fine products to everyone.

Connected-fidelity ™ products all do one thing.

They make the experience of listening to recorded or streamed music in the home more enjoyable by bringing you closer to the actual music.

This might seem like a simple and obvious statement, but the reality is not easy to achieve.

All the products have taken many long hours of development to get right, both sound-wise and price-wise, numerous development samples, research into materials and processes, long hours of comparison listening tests.

Connected-fidelity ™ is not shy about talking about the how and why.

Clearly there are some processing and manufacturing ‘secrets’ that are not disclosed for commercial reasons but are as open as possible about how the products are made – and the manufacture is in the UK.