Ferrum Audio

Ferrum is their legacy

When examining their roots, the new Ferrum team came to realise that the region where they all were born and worked for the latter part of their lives has a history of craftsmanship.

One of those craftmanships was fuelled by the very large deposits of iron in the Warsaw area, which led to metallurgic specialism.

Another very well known craftsman who made his undisputed imprint in classical music history is of course world famous composer and virtuoso pianist Frederic Chopin.

Being born in ‘Żelazowa Wola’, 42 kilometres from their company headquarters, it seems the ability to work and study extremely hard is embedded in the region. Like Chopin, Ferrum is destined to bring its musical craftsmanship to the rest of the world.

The funny fact that Żelazo means iron in Polish, and points to the inspiration for brand name Ferrum.

Realising the father of parent company HEM’s CEO Marcin Hamerla was a blacksmith who forged iron most part of his working life, Marcin himself is nicknamed ‘the Hammer’ and HEME is
a type of iron compound, the name Ferrum Audio comes as no surprise.

All ingredients were right in front of them.

A combination of craftsmanship and audio, firmly rooted
in their own backyard, being the Warsaw region of Poland and Ferrum being the Latin word for iron.

They just needed to look at their own region, remember their own family history, relate with nature, local industry and hard labour,
to show their new-born to the rest of the world.

Ferrum Audio is a result of a locally designed and manufactured audiophile grade audio electronics, which is the culmination of years worth of experience and knowledge.

It is time to conquer the world. This is Ferrum’s heritage.