Mr. Nozomu Matsumoto, founder of Pioneer Corporation, succeeded in developing the first domestic dynamic speaker made of original parts.
It was named A-8 and marketed in Japan under the Pioneer brand.
It later became the origin of the HiFi speaker


The first to develop headphones in Japan as an audio maker and released Pioneer’s first headphone.
Also aimed reproduce the original sound in headphones.


The world’s first separate stereo overturned the common sense that “stereo set is one-body box including speakers” of the time and made the layout of stereo free


Monitor headphones for broadcast stations have been released.
It gained a high reputation as a professional use headphone, among audio experts and audiophiles.


The world’s first CD / LD compatible player was released.
It was registered along with PR-7820 and LD-7000 as an Essential Historical Materials for Science and Technology of the National Science Museum in Japan in 2015.


The world’s first consumer DVD / LD / CD compatible player was released.
The era was around the time the video media changed to DVD.
Optical technology cultivated over many years contributed

2006 PDP-5000EX

The world’s first 50-inch full HD plasma monitor was released.
It corresponded to the popularization of high-quality image materials such as digital broadcasting and optical communication services, and realised high-definition image beauty