Technics Banner


Faithful to Sound Technology, Emotionally Appealing to the Eye.

Designed for sound and harmony.

The new Technics products have been designed with two key design concepts at their core.

The first is a design that resonates with the music lover’s heart.

This is not simply a piece of electrical equipment but an essential element in the complete listening experience and a product that the music lover is proud to own and display in their home.

The second is a design faithful to the traditional Technics identity with no superficial elements.

The product has been precisely designed to only include essential elements enabling the high level of performance required.

Integrating heritage and new innovations to create Technics’ core design values.

The passion and detail
that go into creating Technics products are not only confined to technological innovations.

When it comes to design, the passion is preserved by focusing on a well-engineered body construction that complements and enhances the technology inside. High-grade components are used for even the smallest elements such as the tactile, minimalist buttons.

However, the past also meets the present to bring back a sense of analogue emotion with the switches and the sight of VU meters bouncing as you listen.

Furthermore, the dignified colours and form of the equipment will surely help to create a prestigious aura wherever it is placed.

Technics has a proud and diverse heritage that we have used to establish a new form of design identity that we hope will be equally loved over the years.

What type of presence should Technics have in the emotional act of listening to high-quality audio?

Their new design will surely provide the answer at a single glance.