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dCS Apex

dCS Apex

In a new film celebrating the launch of the Ring DAC APEX – the latest technological innovation from dCS – they reflect on the events and ethos that inspired its creation, and their commitment to continual product development

Earlier this week, dCS announced the launch of APEX: a major update to the hardware portion of the dCS Ring DAC.

Following several months of intensive research and development, their engineers have redesigned the Ring DAC’s circuit board and analogue output stage.

These modifications have allowed them to deliver a range of measured improvements and, in turn, enhance the musical performance of our acclaimed Vivaldi and Rossini systems.

In a new film featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes footage,  dCS Managing Director David Steven, Technical Director Andy McHarg, and Director of Product Development Chris Hales talk about their latest technological achievement, and their commitment to continuous product development.

The film also reflects on the history and evolution of the dCS Ring DAC, the development of the new APEX hardware, and the unique mindset that inspires their engineers to keep interrogating their designs, and pushing their technologies ever further.

You can watch the film in full below – and subscribe to their YouTube channel here for more video content from dCS.