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Following a recommendation from a previous client this couple visited our showroom in Maidenhead to listen to a few options for a new stereo system.

They wanted to embrace the newer streaming technologies as well as be able to play their CD’s if they wanted to.

Following a few listens to their favourite CD’s they settled on the excellent Naim Audio UnitiLite, which ticked all the boxes in regards to streaming and CD playback.


They paired the UnitiLite with the small but perfectly formed Martin Logan Motion 15 bookshelf speakers.


Now that they had chosen the products they were very keen for us to install the system in their living room, the brief not to see any the cabling, which we did.

We also spent some time showing them how to copy CD’s to the Innous media server and how to operate the Naim system from the iPad app.

They are now able to listen and browse lots of their old music and explore lots of new music through the Spotify streaming service built into the Naim UnitiLite.

A very happy couple.

Naim Unitilite

Martin Logan Motion 15

Liv Concepts Zen Media Server

Audioquest FLX speaker cables

Audioquest Ethernet cabling

Atacama Audio Mosecco speaker stands (Bamboo)

Project Cost: £3,950.00