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Following a visit to our showroom in Maidenhead our client was very keen to utilise the idea of a panel on the wall to disguise the TV and centre speaker, or 3-channel sound bar in this instance, as well as create a focal point within the room

We were able to create this with a custom-made media panel, which hid the Sony TV and Definitive Technology multi-channel sound bar.

We also used the Artcoustic Linax cabinets to hide the SKY+HD box, Yamaha home cinema amplifier and Blu-ray player. An infrared extension kit was also installed so they can still operate the equipment while it remained hidden behind closed doors.

For the rear speakers we used the uniquely designed Eclipse Time Domain speakers and for the subwoofer the small but extremely powerful Sunfire subwoofer.

Our clients were also very keen to be able to play their digitally stored or “iTunes” music around the home. For this we installed and setup the Sonos Digital Music system and a 4TB Network Attached Storage (NAS) device, which allowed them to access their large and diverse music collection without having to leave their computer on.

At some point they plan to replace all the remote controls with an easy to use URC universal remote control.

Equipment List:

Yamaha RXV1067 Home Cinema receiver

Yamaha BDS667 Blu-ray player

Sunfire HRS8 subwoofer

Definitive Technology Mythos SSA42 soundbar

Eclipse TD508II rear speakers

Artcoustic Linax cabinet x 2

Custom designed Audio Venue wall panel

Sonos Music system

Video cables by Wireworld, Audio cables by The Chord Company

Project Cost: 9750.00