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Ealing II

Pioneer PDP 436 XDE Plasma TV 2 False wall panels (allowing cabling to be run at rear) Arcam AVR 300 Receiver/ amplifier Arcam DV 79 DVD HDMI Player Artcoustic DF Multi ( being used as front left, centre, right) Artcoustic Diablo Mini Rear speakers Definitive Technology Supercube 3 active subwoofer Concept design Stand in wenge… Read more »


Pioneer 436 XDE Plasma television Motorised wall bracket with custom adapter for centre speaker Arcam DV 79 DVD Player Arcam AVR 300 Amplifier/ receiver Audica LCR Left, centre and right vahnnel in one box Martin Logan Dynamo Active subwoofer Audica CS floorstanding rear speakers Sky Plus (soon to be upgraded to Sky HD) Universal MX… Read more »


Pioneer PDP 435 XDE Plasma Arcam DV 79 HDMI DVD Player Arcam AVR 300 amplifier 3 x MK K 17 Front Left , Centre & Right speakers all hidden behind fabric fronts 1 pair MK CS 22 Tripole speakers in white either side of sofa not shown in image 1 x MK KX 10 subwoofer… Read more »

Chelsea Bridge

Pioneer 43 MXE 1 43” plasma screen Arcam DV 78 DVD player Arcam AVR 300 Amplifier/ receiver Speakercraft MT 8 front left, centre & right speaker Kef PSW 2500 Subwoofer Audica CS floorstanding rear speakers Price excludes false wall