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Lounge Samsung QE65Q950R 65” 8K TV Pioneer UDP-LX800 Lexicon RV9 AV receiver 3 x Bowers & Wilkins CCM682, Left, centre, right, front speakers 2 x Bowers & Wilkins CCM 663SR rear speakers 1 x Jl Audio Dominion 10, subwoofer Lighting and shading systems by Lutron, control by Control4 Master Bedroom LG OLED559PLA Sonos Beam Sonos… Read more »

Ealing W

Lounge Samsung F9000 65” UHD TV Kaleidescape Cinema One Movie server Rotel RSX 1572 3 x Bowers & Wilkins CM1 Satin White, Left, centre, right 2 x Bowers & Wilkins CCM 663SR rear speakers Velodyne Microvee, White, active subwoofer Universal MX 5000 remote control system, controlling system from another area All rooms except lounge controlled… Read more »

Chiswick II

Samsung 46” F8000 television Pull out swivel wall mount Artcoustic DF Multi SL, left, centre, right speaker Artcoustic Target, rear speakers Rotel RSX 1562 AV amplifier OPPO BDP 103EU Blu Ray player Sonos Connect, streamer Velodyne Microvee Active subwoofer Universal MX 5000 remote Bespoke media wall & wall mounted cabinet with subwoofer ventilation All video… Read more »

Ealing VI

Equipment Pioneer 50” Plasma television Classe Audio CDT 300 CD/DVD Transport AVA Media, CD Server, ( To be upgraded to a Kaleidescape system) Sonos Connect & Mac Mini Thorens TD350 turntable with Sumiko Blackbird cartridge Musical Fidelity M1 ViNL phono stage Classe Audio SSP 800 Processor Classe Audio CA 5300 Multi-channel Power amplifier Sky HD… Read more »

Ealing Common

TV Lounge Pioneer PDP LX 6090, 1080P plasma Kaleidescape Movie Player Kaleidescape 1U server Pioneer BDP LX 70A Blue Ray player Pioneer VSX LX 70 amplifier Sky HD Artcoustic DF Multi 60″ x Front left, centre & right speaker Artcoustic Panel wall mounted subwoofer Artcoustic PA 300 Mono amplifier for subwoofer Definitive Technology Mythos 5… Read more »


The CD555 CD player with the 555PS power supply delivers the ultimate musical performance from a CD. It makes no attempt to play DVDs, DVD-As or SACDs. It doesn`t have a digital output. Nor does it have a variable output. The CD555 simply plays CDs and at that it excels. We are confident that is… Read more »

Muswell Hill

The entire system is either controlled from touch panel wall plates or touch screen remote pads. Main System Electronics The cabinet above is temporary unit a bespoke cabinet is on order PAD 8 A Control (control Processor) Crestron CP 2E Processor Crestron CN WP SI Power Supply CT 1000 Key Pads x 3 CT 1000… Read more »


System comprises of: Clear Audio Master Reference turntable Master TQ-I linear tracking tonearm Clear Audio Signature cartridge Krell FPB 300C power amplifier Krell KRC HR Theta Jade Cd Transport Pro Basic 11 A DAC Revel Salon speakers in Heather Silver BCD Engineering equipment supports. Transparent Audio Signal Cables Nordost Speaker cables


System Main room Sony 61 Plasma (pioneer version not available at the time) Krell DVD HDMI DVD Player Lexicon MC8B Processor Krell Showcase 5 Power amplifier Sky + Satellite receiver Artcoustic DF 75 Front left & Right speakers Artcoustic DF M Centre Channel Sunfire True EQ Subwoofer Audica CS 3 Slim floorstanding speakers for rear… Read more »


Proceed PMDT Proceed AVP Krell 250/ 3 Krell 250/ 2 Wilson Benesch (now changed to Wilson Audio Cub 11) Martin Logan Cinema Martin Logan Scenario Rel Studio Sony VPL W 10 (Changed to Runco CL 700 DLP)