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Our latest home cinema and home audio installation portfolio can be found here. Click on a installation for full details and pictures.

Wandsworth II

Pioneer PDP 505 XDE Plasma television Project RPM 9 Turntable/ Ortofon cartridge Arcam AVR 700 Processor/ pre-amplifier Arcam DV 29 HDMI CD/ DVD player Arcam FMJ P7 Power amplifier Artcoustic DF 75 Full range left & right speaker Artcoustic DF Multi Centre speaker Triad Onwall Bronze Rear speakers MK MX 125 Active subwoofer Universal MX… Read more »


System components Main room Pioneer 435 XDE HD Ready Plasma screen Denon DVD A1XV (DVD player) Denon AVC A 11 XV (amplifier) Artcoustic DF 65, front left & right speakers Artcoustic DF Multi, Centre Speaker Speakercraft Aim in ceiling left and right rear Diablo-Tech Subwoofer x 2 Lutron GRX 3106 Lighting Controller 6 circuit Cabling… Read more »


This system excels for both Music and Movies, and is now enjoyed by the whole family. The subwoofer is behind the couch at the rear of the room, the rear speakers are active. The system and lights are controlled by a Universal MX 3000 colour touch screen remote control. System Pioneer 615 EX (HDMI Monitor)… Read more »

South Kensington

Plasma System (Mezzanine) Pioneer 505 XDE HD Ready Plasma screen Arcam FMJ DV 29 DVD Player Arcam Diva Processor Arcam Diva Power amplfier Artcoustic DF 75 (Front left & Right speakers) Artcustic DF Multi (centre channel) MK SW 95 Ceiling speakers (rear left & right) Martin Logan Depth Subwoofer Lutron GRX 3506 Lighting Controller 6… Read more »


The viewing area is in a L shape so a bracket for the plasma has been installed that lets the owners turn the plasma out towards the left hand seating position, this bracket is motorised. All speakers are wall mounted including subwoofer, rear speakers are mounted in the ceiling. Pioneer 505 XDE Plasma television Meridian… Read more »

Grand designs/Homes & Gardens 2005

Pioneer 435 XDE Plasma Television Pioneer 868 DVD Player Pioneer AX 10AIS integrated receiver DF 65 front speakers DF Multi Centre Speaker Diablo Rear speakers Diablo-Tech Subwoofer 4 x Artcoustic Linax cabinets Artcoustic’s Media Wall, costs £260.00 for two plates and fittings. Image shown uses 6 plates in total. The look is clean, contemporary and… Read more »


System Main room Sony 61 Plasma (pioneer version not available at the time) Krell DVD HDMI DVD Player Lexicon MC8B Processor Krell Showcase 5 Power amplifier Sky + Satellite receiver Artcoustic DF 75 Front left & Right speakers Artcoustic DF M Centre Channel Sunfire True EQ Subwoofer Audica CS 3 Slim floorstanding speakers for rear… Read more »


Home Cinema (Formal lounge), images to follow Runco CL 510 DLP Projector Dalite 6Ft 6 screen Projection screen Future ceiling mount Automated Ceiling lift Arcam FMJ DV 29 DVD Player Arcam AVR 300 Integrated Amplifier receiver Arcam FMJ P35 3 Ch power amplifier (front speakers) MK SW 150 Ceiling speakers ( left, centre & right)… Read more »


A good client/ friend of ours who has built up his 2 channel system over the years, has just put in a new Pioneer 61” plasma, yes the image does show a 61’ Plasma, it’s the first time we have ever seen a screen of this size dwarfed by a pair of loudspeakers and I… Read more »