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Arcam Radia

Arcam Radia

Introducing the Radia series from ARCAM – Hi-Fi components that bring remarkable clarity and depth to your listening experience, allowing you to connect with your music on a closer, more personal level.

This is stereo sound that’s so natural it brings you to the centre of the music as it reveals the brilliance of your favourite recordings.

The Radia series from ARCAM – hear your music in a whole new light.

The Arcam Radia range consists of five products.

Three integrated amplifiers

A5 £749.00

arcam a5

The ARCAM A5 is for those intimate listening experiences with your favourite music.

A15 £1099.00

arcam a15

The ARCAM A15 is the power house, with 120 Watts of output per channel. It is perfect for listening with larger speakers,

A25 £1499.00

arcam radia a25

The ARCAM A25 is the best sounding, and most feature rich of their Radia Integrated amplifiers.

One CD player

CD5 £699.00

arcam radia CD5

The ARCAM CD5 is for those intimate listening experiences with your favourite music on Compact Disc.

One Streamer

ST5 £799.00

arcam radia ST5

The ARCAM ST5 is the high resolution upgrade for their Radia integrated amplifiers.

The slim form factor includes a control link to these amplifiers, allowing the 2 components to act as one from your device.

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