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Hegel P30A & H30A

Show at the Munich High End show 2022

The P30A pre amplifier and the H30A power amplifier replaces the P30 and H30 reference amplifiers that have been on the market since 2011.

For several years Hegel have known that the P30 and H30 amplifiers were living on borrowed time because the extremely good transistors they used were being discontinued.

This was a problem because they were so good that finding something that could even come close proved to be very hard.

So, for years Hegel have been looking for replacements that could not only match, but also improve upon the performance of their amplifiers.

They have been testing and listening and testing again, and finally they are able to launch their new reference products.

With a new design and vastly upgraded sound qualities, the P30A and H30A sets a new bar for what Hegel amplifiers can achieve.

They have given the P30A and the H30A the nicknames “The Conductor” and “The Orchestra”.

Hegel P30A

They of course work best together, but both can also be great individual upgrades to existing systems.

Speaking of upgradability, the H30A is designed as a mono power amplifier and performs best when used as such.

Hegel do however realise that some do not need that much power, and some want to try one before going for the full package.

That is why the H30A can also be used as in stereo mode.

The P30A is a fully balanced preamplifier with an attention to detail that is really something else.

With a host of unbalanced and balanced analogue inputs and outputs it will satisfy the needs of even the most dedicated stereo collector.

We are hoping to see these units by October of this year.

Expected pricing P30A £7000.00 & H30A £17000.00

This should be one fine sounding pair

Hegel H30A