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Naim CD Trade-in

3rd July 2024

Over the past 18 months, Naim have seen many key components required in the repair of their legacy CD players become obsolete. The Naim procurement team have bulk-bought much of the remaining stock, but they are now seeing these supplies run dry. This makes it difficult for Naim to offer the ongoing support they always… Read more »

Vertere Summer offers

25th June 2024

Level-up your system with Vertere’s Sizzling Summer Offers! Summer is upon us, and Vertere have got some seriously exciting seasonal bundle offers to level-up your analogue listening. Each offer is designed to take your analogue source to new heights of Vertere excellence.  All offers will be available from 24th June – 7th September 2024. Terms and… Read more »

New Sonus faber Sonetto G2 Collection

19th June 2024

Introducing the second generation of the Sonus faber Sonetto G2 Collection: paying homage to Italian craftsmanship and the relentless pursuit of audio innovation. A SOUND FOR EVERY SPACE The Sonetto G2 Collection features a complete range of speakers, including stand-mounted speakers, floor-standing speakers, and wall-mount options. Each speakers is constructed with high-quality materials, embodying the… Read more »

JBL MA series

17th June 2024

Bring both music and movies to life with true high fidelity. The JBL MA series AV receivers consist of five models based on a platform of fundamental connectivity with the latest features for video and music, with additional premium features as you move up in the line. All models feature similar technologies to focus on… Read more »


Long awaited floor-stander from Epos

7th June 2024

Coming Soon is the new ES-28N is the third model in the current EPOS line-up, and on top of it, it’s a 3-way loudspeaker made by a designer who is well known for doing 2-way systems even with bigger woofers. So what did change his mind?  Experience! It’s just that a 2-way system is not… Read more »

Chord Electronics Suzi range

22nd May 2024

The latest entry into their globally renowned Hugo range, an innovative and fully modular system utilising the latest ULTIMA technology. The Chord Electronics Suzi power amplifier can be integrated directly with the Chord Electronics Suzi Pre to become a power/preamplifier system with a phono stage or with the existing Hugo 2 and 2go, to become… Read more »

Auralic Aries S1

Auralic S1 Series

22nd April 2024

Auralic S1 Series S1 is the latest entry-level audio streamer that AURALiC offers. Powered by AURALiC’s cutting edge Tesla G3 streaming platform. The S1 inherits premium audio technologies from the acclaimed G2.2 reference products, including Direct Memory Access (DMA), Direct Data Recording (DDR), Fusion DAC, Galvanic Isolation, and more. Available in two variations, the ARIES… Read more »

Wilson Audio, Watt Puppy

8th April 2024

The next generation Further details to follow The rod handle on the rear of the original WATT was initially designed in 1985 as a practical way for David Wilson, founder of Wilson Audio and a recording engineer at the time, to transport his custom-made studio monitors to recording sessions. This functional and robust handle has… Read more »

Epos baby bookshelf speaker

24th February 2024

„Two-way reflex loaded bookshelf speaker.“ Many customers asked for a smaller speaker, so the Epos development group created a smaller baby Epos ES-7N. This speaker should be a real bookshelf with a size small enough to go into typical IKEA designs for example. But how to make it? Smaller speakers are especially difficult giving the… Read more »

PMC Prodigy

PMC Prodigy

10th October 2023

PMC Prodigy With Prodigy, PMC are bringing their performance-led design ethos to an even wider audience. Building on their belief that ultra-high-resolution loudspeakers, if properly designed, can be used throughout the entire audio chain. That’s why their designs are employed at every stage of music-making, from composers’ music rooms to recording studios, all the way… Read more »

Arcam Radia

Arcam Radia

3rd October 2023

Arcam Radia Introducing the Radia series from ARCAM – Hi-Fi components that bring remarkable clarity and depth to your listening experience, allowing you to connect with your music on a closer, more personal level. This is stereo sound that’s so natural it brings you to the centre of the music as it reveals the brilliance… Read more »

Sonus faber Trade IN to Trade UP

15th September 2023

Whats is the Sonus faber Trade IN to Trade UP Program For a limited time, you can get back the full value of your existing pair of speakers (any brand) when you trade them in and purchase a pair of NEW Sonus faber speakers. *Promotion is subject to certain terms and conditions. You the customer… Read more »