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Supernait 3 & XS 3

9th July 2019

Naim Audio have just launched the 3rd generation of their acclaimed NAIT and SUPERNAIT integrated amplifiers The NAIT XS 3 and SUPERNAIT 3 each enjoy significant performance upgrades, plus now both include built-in phono stages, making them a perfect partner for turntables, as well as for streamers, CD players, or any other music source you want to… Read more »

IsoAcoustic Delos

IsoAcoustic’s Delos

5th July 2019

We have a new IsoAcoustics product joining the range this August, the DELOS turntable platform. Turntables are carefully made with extreme precision to pick up the finest details in a record.  The stylus navigating the tiny variations in the vinyl’s groves is a delicate process that is very sensitive to vibrations.  The DELOS butcher block… Read more »

Mark Levinson No. 5101

24th May 2019

Product news from the Munich Hi-end Show 2019 – The Mark Levinson No. 5101 network streaming SACD player Late last year, we where informed of the launch of 2 new integrated amplifiers, the 5802 and the 5805. It was Mark Levinson’s intention to partner these new 5000 series amplifiers with a source piece so we… Read more »

Luxman’s latest Offering

17th May 2019

Two new Compact stunningly built products coming soon VACUUM TUBE AMPLIFIER SQ-N150 Music reproduction of uncanny warmth and beauty Meticulous vacuum tube engineering You’ll enjoy surpassingly detailed, open music reproduction thanks to the exceptional linearity of LUXMAN’s P-K split phase inversion circui Elegant design The 5 mm thick aluminium chassis has a modest “A4” footprint,… Read more »

Auralic Altair G1 & Sirius G2

16th May 2019

Altair G1 £1899.00 Cementing its reputation for developing high-performance digital sources, AURALiC will unveil a new addition to the critically acclaimed G1 Series of products at the Munich High-End Audio show this year. Continuing its tradition as a high-performance wireless streamer, the updated and enhanced ALTAIR G1, available July/ August 2019 Sirius G2 Upsampling Processor £5499.00… Read more »

Vertere Acoustics Launches DG-1 Dynamic Groove Record Player

9th May 2019

Touraj Moghaddam founder and CEO of Vertere Acoustics today proudly presented his new design: The Dynamic Groove Record Player. Vertere Acoustics is best known for its extreme high-end designs loved by audiophiles worldwide. The Reference RG-1 Turntable and the Reference Tonearm compete on equal terms with the world’s best. The new DG-1 Dynamic Groove Record… Read more »


Naim Audio Mu-so 2

8th May 2019

Introducing the New Naim in Music Streaming: Naim Audio, the British hi-fi specialist with 45 years of audio expertise, has launched the 2nd Generation of its multi award-winning Mu-so wireless music system.  Mu-so 2nd Generation evolves the iconic styling of its predecessor, but under its luxury aluminium casing are game-changing performance, feature and functionality upgrades.  From… Read more »

Lateral Audio Stands

7th May 2019

Arrive at Audio Venue Compelled to seek beautiful audio, Lateral audio stands was founded to create audio stands that can redefine audio components and systems. As audio enthusiast’s for over 25 years, the designs have been inherently influenced by product engineering design in consumer product vibration and significant aerospace structures. The Lateral Audio Range HERE

Bowers & Wilkins Formation

23rd April 2019

B&W Formation Suite Formation Duo £3499.99 The first wireless speakers system that provides wired fidelity, wirelessly*. The Duo features the same industry-defining Continuum cone technology found on their 800 Series. Formation Wedge £899.99 A unique, 120-degree speaker shape, with dedicated full-range stereo sound components and 24-bit resolution for a room-filling audio experience Formation Bar £999.99 Experience… Read more »


18th April 2019

A benchmark is a standard or point of measurement to which other things can be compared. As their name implies, they are committed to excellence.  Their award-winning products define the current state-of-the-art in terms of audio performance. Benchmark products are designed and built by audio enthusiasts.  They are musicians, audiophiles and audio professionals who are passionate about… Read more »