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Momentum MxV Integrated Amplifier

Momentum MxV Integrated Amplifier

18th May 2023

Momentum MxV Integrated Amplifier We are excited to announce the premiere of Momentum MxV Integrated Amplifier at the Munich High End 2023. Combining the front-end technology from the Momentum HD Preamplifier and the power section of the Momentum MxV amplifiers, it delivers Momentum Series performance in a compact framework. Available soon at Audio Venue

New Naim 300 Classic Range

New Naim 300 Classic Range

New Naim 300 Classic Range Welcome to a new era in sound Since 1973, the Naim Classic range has embodied the best separate Hi-Fi elements, combined to create the music system of your dreams. The 200 Series line includes the NSC 222 preamplifier and streamer, the NAP 250 power amplifier, as well as the uncompromising… Read more »

Vega G3 Audio Venue

Auralic Aries/ Vega G2.2 and G3

15th May 2023

Auralic Aries/ Vega G2.2 and G3 AURALiC Introduces New Generation of Streaming Products at HighEnd Munich 2023 AURALiC has been at the forefront of the audio streaming industry since 2014 with the debut of the world’s first streaming bridge, the ARIES. Continuing this legacy, AURALiC is releasing four new products this year: ARIES G2.2, VEGA… Read more »

The Next Generation Bartók Apex

The Next Generation Bartók Apex

7th February 2023

The Next Generation Bartók Apex Bartók APEX is a distillation of their past, present, and future—30 years of innovation in a single beautiful, flexible, and futureproof chassis embodying the essence of dCS. Combining a DAC, Music Streamer, Upsampler, Pre-amp, and (optional) Headphone Amplifier, the Bartók APEX offers a singular experience for headphone and stereo listeners…. Read more »

StatementII- Speaker cable

Tellurium Q Statement II Cables

28th January 2023

Tellurium Q Statement II Cables THE TELLURIUM Q FLAGSHIP CABLE FAMILY GETS THE MARK 2 UPGRADE TREATMENT Each cable in the new family of flagship Tellurium Q Statement II Cables required its own development, which has taken some time. Now the British cable manufacturer is able to reveal their top-of-the-range cables in the new Mark… Read more »

The Homage Collection

New Homage Series Sonus faber

17th January 2023

New Homage Series Sonus faber Past The story of the Homage collection begins in 1993 with the creation of the Guarneri, a timeless and innovative 2-way design custom made for the “Museo Del Violino” in Cremona. With its solid wood, lute shaped cabinet, silk tweeter, pulp mid-woofer, and details inspired by the works of the… Read more »

Nu-Vista Pre (pre-Amplifier)

New Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista

16th January 2023

New Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista Coming soon Three new products with more to follow Nu-Vista Pre (pre-Amplifier) The Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista PRE uses a balanced configuration circuit and balanced precision matched stepped attenuator for volume control. This means even at low volume levels, as well as higher, stereo imaging will be precise and accurate. For driving… Read more »

The Naim New Classic range

The Naim New Classic range

4th January 2023

The Naim New Classic range Welcome to a new era in sound Sophisticated simplicity, 50 years in the making. Create the music system you’ve always wanted with the new Naim Audio Classic range. Featuring cutting-edge innovation, sharp styling and exquisite quality, New Classic lives in service of the sound. Naim Audio launched in 1973 with… Read more »

Platinum 3g audio venue

Monitor Audio Platinum 3G

28th September 2022

Monitor Audio Platinum 3G Objects of Desire Monitor Audio Platinum Series 3G is a culmination of ground-breaking acoustic innovations brought together in a number of expertly crafted designs that celebrate the rich legacy of the Platinum Series. The range cements Monitor Audio’s deserved place within the high-end, premium loudspeaker space and represents a purity of… Read more »

Vertere Acoustics announces new DG-1 S

Vertere Acoustics announces new DG-1 S

28th July 2022

Vertere Acoustics announces new DG-1 S – with updates to the multi-award-winning record player It has been three years and three months since the launch of the hugely innovative and hugely popular DG-1. The DG-1 S will be available in September 2022. The DG-1 S improvements bring higher resolution replay, greater dynamic contrasts, and improved… Read more »


Auralic New G1.1 Series

25th July 2022

Auralic New G1.1 Series AURALiC is delighted to announce an update for its ARIES G1 and ALTAIR G1 to the G1.1 version. Reflecting their drive to innovate and lead the music streaming market, this update provides exciting improvements for both models. Engineered to exacting standards, the ARIES G1.1 and ALTAIR G1.1 excel in today’s demanding… Read more »

Hegel P30A & H30A

19th May 2022

Hegel P30A & H30A Show at the Munich High End show 2022 The P30A pre amplifier and the H30A power amplifier replaces the P30 and H30 reference amplifiers that have been on the market since 2011. For several years Hegel have known that the P30 and H30 amplifiers were living on borrowed time because the… Read more »