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RCM Record Cleaning Machine

The Okki Nokki RCM record cleaning machine is an exceptionally well-designed device created specifically for cleaning all vinyl records.

The Okki Nokki is  made in Germany and consists of a heavy-duty motor/turntable and vacuum system encased within a compact aluminium chassis.

The Okki Nokki RCM’s motor function provides for ultra-quiet forward and reverse operation.

When used with the supplied goat hair cleaning brush, the forward/reverse turntable motion allows for extremely effective groove scrubbing.

Once cleaned, the record can be vacuumed using the aluminium suction arm. The residual dirt and fluid is then removed by suction and transferred into the internal liquid reservoir, which has a sensor that will shut off the machine when full.

An optional dust cover is available, to help keep the Okki Nokki Cleaning Machine dust free

Built-in safety features prevent fluid being sucked into the vacuum motor, and the turntable motor overheating.

Cool running turntable motor allows for hours of use, no need for noisy fans.

Comes complete with recordcleaning fluid and goat hair brush.

Okki Nokki RCM record cleaning machine

Forward and reverse motor for ‘scrubbing’ action.

Dimensions: 13″ x 16″ x 13″Quiet vacuum motor.

Vacuum tubes for 10″ and 7″ records available.

Made with the highest build values.

Options available

Options available RCM Record Cleaning Machine

RCC – Clamp for RCM £25.00

RCB – Record Cleaning Brush £10.00

RCB-WG Goats Hair Record Cleaning Brush £25.00

RCS – Velvet Strip set £6.50

RCF – Record Cleaning Fluid £10.00

RCD – Acrylic Dustcover £65.00

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