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Storm Series

For a couple of decades, AudioQuest’s AC power cables have been gaining momentum and respect for bringing lower distortion and higher performance not only to the audiophile high-end, but also to Sonos, Apple TV, cable boxes, radios, CI racks, etc.

While AQ’s NRG cables weren’t physically big and painful enough to cater to certain audiophile prejudices, they delivered the goods — better audio and video for many more people than any other premium AC cable supplier.

Now, AudioQuest is very proud to introduce a family of cables that recalibrate the importance of choosing AC cables carefully.

The Storm Series of NRG cables don’t embody just incremental evolution though that’s always a good thing — instead, they demonstrate a category jump.

Words are meaningless once you’ve heard the difference and simply know the truth — but a few words might wet your appetite and provoke you to give Storm Series + Dragon a listen sooner than later:

Uncompressed High-Current Transfer: Due to an unprecedented

combination of Zero Characteristic Impedance and Low Z (low resistance),

The High-Current Storm Series cables get-out-of-the-way better

than any existing AC cable, regardless of size or how much metal is in it.

A totally non-technical analogy might be that if you drop a coin in a long tube with shampoo in it, no matter how big that tube, the shampoo (the Characteristic Impedance) is going to get in the way (compromise current transients).

Lowering the Characteristic Impedance to Zero is like emptying out the tube, with just air, or actually closer to a vacuum, inside.

The improved audio, whether the amp is putting out less than a watt or is running maxed out, is visceral — something the whole body understands, no words required.

Quiet Background and Minimal Electronics Misbehavior: Due to a more sophisticated than ever Noise-Dissipation System (US Patent

Storm NRG cables do what Garth Powell’s magnificent Niagara power products do — they lower the noise that both smothers fine detail, ambience, etc., and noise that causes active circuits to suffer TIM and otherwise misbehave, causing a flat sounding forced-through a screen door effect.

Optimal Insulation Electrical Characteristics: Due to AudioQuest’s Dielectric-Bias System (US Patent #7,126,055). DBS’s effctiveness at reducing non-linear distortions caused by temporary energy storage in a cable’s insulation is evident across all types of AudioQuest cables.

However, in the Storm Series NRG cables, DBS is applied more strategically than ever before — reducing dielectric-noise takes a back seat to DBS extending the bandwidth and efficiency, of all-important RF noise-dissipation.

No Strand Interaction, Minimal Grain Junction Disruption: Due to solid conductors, there is no contact between strands and none of the distortion that entails.

Due to superior metals, less grain junctions within the conductors minimise distortion, and the superior conductor surface drains RF Noise better than other metals.

AudioQuest Storm Series NRG cables truly are optimised Low-Z | Noise-Dissipation Systems, just like the extraordinary Niagara Series

Low-Z | Noise-Dissipation System power products.

The range Storm Series

Thunder priced from £629.00 P. Meter


Tornado priced from £949.00 P. Meter

Hurricane priced from £1399.00 P. Meter

Dragon Source priced from £3399.00 P. Meter


Dragon – High Current priced from £4399.00 P. Meter