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From £240.00 P. Shelf

Modular Stand. SVT, Sunoko Vent

Building on the success of Quadraspire’s Q4, the SVT rack was developed for larger Hi Fi systems and better sound performance.

Curved columns reduce resonance and vented shelves allow air to flow freely around your system.

The SVT version is very different from the original
although looks the same at a glance, their improved design dissipates vibration away from the electronics and through concave aluminium columns delivers a clearer, cleaner musical performance.

Each Sunoko-Vent T shelf is 25mm (1”) thick and is made from real wood veneered mdf and can hold equipment up to 120 kilos in weight whilst the slotted shelves keep mass low and provide maximum ventilation for the equipment.

The Sunoko-Vent T is available in 2 sizes SVT and SV2T.

The SVT is designed to hold standard sized hi-fi whilst the SV2T is double the width and can hold both hi-fi
and AV components.

The Sunoko-Vent T is modular and comes with 32mm diameter aluminium columns available in 6 different
heights – 100mm (4”); 140mm (5 1⁄2”); 180mm (7”); 216mm (8 1⁄2”); 256mm (10”) and 326mm (12 3⁄4”).

Veneered mdf available in 6 different finishes – Oak; Maple; Cherry; Dark Oak (Wenger) and Black.

Being real wood each shelf is unique in its natural beauty and therefore subject to variation in grain
and colour.

Optional floor protectors are available, model shown below QX7 Stainless Steel