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Tellurium Blue

The Blue RCA is their entry level RCA given 4.5 stars for sound quality by HiFi Choice in 2012 because they had designed it specifically to work with their Blue speaker cable not as a stand alone product.

This Tellurium viewed as a failure on their part so put significant time and resources into developing the Blue RCA further and the new version leaves the old Blue in its wake in terms of performance – they are truly proud of it and hope you will be too.

Blue RCA Cable

£180.00/m (set)



The Blue XLR is their entry level XLR and we think that you will be surprised by how good it sounds.

Blue XLR Cable

£235.00/m (set)



This is the Tellurium Q “entry level” digital XLR cable but the performance is well beyond an entry level product.

Blue Digital XLR Cable



The entry level Blue Waveform II takes over from the original waveform with the same architectural approach to improving digital signals as the other Waveform II digital RCA cables. When you hear the difference you will agree that there might be more going on than a 1 or 0 because hearing is believing.

Blue Digital RCA Cable




The Blue II USB has been “tweaked” from the original multi award winning version. No longer the baby brother of the original Black USB, it stands in its own right as you will hear when you plug it into your system

Blue II USB Cable






Tellurium Blue is the entry level speaker cable that was designed to be the companion to Tellurium Q Black and has been described by one well known manufacturer of speakers as having “good mid, but softer sounding” than the Tellurium Black.

While having great detail and phase control is less revealing of a system than the Black.

HiFi World has described the most noticeable qualities of this cable as being, “a welcome absence of muddle..” and, “a more neutral, focused, precise aura settled on the music.

In fact the Blue cables exhibited a tremendous sense of control; something that I’ve never heard from any cable at this price point.”

Purchase Example: 2.5m stereo pair would contain 5 single metres (2.5m to each channel). This also allows you to order uneven lengths e.g. 2m left channel/3m right channel.

So, 2.5m pair = 5 single metres x £16.50which is a total of £82.50 + termination if required.

Blue Speaker Cable




Note: All Tellurium Q Speaker cables can be Bi-wired by adding an extra cable during manufacture.

The Blue bi-wire link is designed to be used only with Tellurium Q entry level Blue speaker cable to replace the external links that came with your speaker.

Length: 30cm

Blue Bi-wire/Link


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