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£1100.00 Per Tier

X Reference

The all new Reference stand by Quadraspire


All Quadraspire racks are designed to be light and rigid to deliver a clearer, cleaner musical performance.

They achieve this by combining Wood or Bamboo shelving with solid Aluminium columns & feet.

Another key to the success of their racks is the shape of the shelves.



Square or rectangular shelves encourage standing waves which can distort the sound of your system.

By using a curved design Quadraspire avoid parallel lines thereby reducing standing waves as well as reducing mass.

Quadraspire have extended this principal to the X Reference shelf employing extensive listening tests using the tried and tested technique of tuning by ear in the same way as the finest musical instruments are developed.



X Reference

The end result is the X Reference shelf with a cut out in the middle to also reduce mass as much as possible.

To extend the benefits of the Bronze upgrade to all the components in a system they have developed the Xreference.

Combining the technology of the SVT rack and the bronze upgrade’s they have effectively created a rack within a rack making the entire system more musical and enjoyable.


The X Reference uses a larger diameter column and a larger thread to lock the X shelves together to be very rigid whilst still remaining reasonably light.

SVT shaping on the columns and internally where the columns clamp the X frame further reduce parallel lines to reduce standing waves and improve sound.

Signature X Reference also available at £1400.00 Per tier