Alluxity Power One

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Alluxity is a Danish High-end lifestyle audio brand with an array of products to suit the modern audiophile.

The design is of Scandinavian minimalism with an extremely high quality of build

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Alluxity Power One

Alluxity Power One

Alluxity is a Danish High-end lifestyle audio brand with an array of products to suit the modern audiophile.

The design is of Scandinavian minimalism with an extremely high quality of build.

Milling the chassis out of one solid piece of aluminium allows the design to have clean aesthetic lines while keeping the visual appearance.

The sonic signature of Alluxity is best described as warm and alluring at first but quickly becomes captivating and soothing.

It draws you into the music and enabling you to sit back, relax and most important; to enjoy the performance.

Power one

Power One

The Alluxity Power One was along the Pre One the first product designed in the Alluxity series.

The vision was to have two products looking alike and working together both in aesthetics and sonically.

The Power One differs from the other Alluxity products by being 30% deeper but – with increased size comes more power.

The Power One is, as the Pre One, fully balanced with a 600VA toroidial transformer per channel that powers their very discrete gain module.

Being of the first generation of Alluxity products does not mean it’s not a force to be reckoned with.

The Power One bears the testament to show how far they have come with Alluxity.

Specifications Alluxity Power One

Alluxity Power One Specifications


Analogue 1 RCA / 1 XLR


8/4/2 ohm RMS ≈ 200W/400W/800W


Width 43.5 cm / 17.1 in

Height 10.5 cm / 4.1 in

Depth 48 cm / 19 in

Weight 31 kg / 83 pounds


Power consumption <1W/? W (Standby/ON no load)

Transformer 600VA pr. channel

Capacitance 60.000 μF pr. channel

Input/output impedance 10 KΩ / 75 mΩ

Input sensitivity 0.7/1.4 Vrms (RCA/XLR)

Frequency response +800kHz

THD + noise >0.01%

Signal to noise ratio >100dB

Alluxity Power One Colours

Available in black, white, titanium (grey) or titanium orange.

Additional information

Weight 31 kg

Black (Ex-demo)



Alluxity Mono The creator of the Alluxity line of products is Alexander Vitus Mogensen The Alluxity product line is a culmination of Alexander being raised with both music & musicians in an Audiophile environment, as well as working for many years in the high-end enviroment of the family business (Vitus Audio). Initially the musician part of Alexander was the dominating force in his life, but as listening to reproduced music grew , Alexanders curiosity and interest in optimizing performance become his life force. For 5 years Alexander worked in the family business. There he learned about electronic manufacturing & design, using SolidWorks, Altium Designer etc but more importantly also learning about the relationship between different aspects of application’s & design ( cause & effect ) and making optimal choices with this in mind. As Alexander got older he wanted to go his own way. This resulted in him starting his own company (AVM-TEC) His business initially focused mainly on the creation & design of solutions utilizing Surface Mounted Technology. To keep up with increasing demand on his designs & circuits, an investment in far more sophisticated & specialist SMT equipment was required to realize Alexanders ambitions. A by product of this investment was that Alexander could at last realize his idea’s, dreams and ambitions. Alluxity was born With clean lines and a 5 inch touch display, the Alluxity units look like little else in the High-end world. The one-piece chassis gives the product a quality look; the user interface enhances usability and enables status feedback to the user in an easy to read manner. All chassis are milled out of one solid block of aluminium. During the design phase, complete separation of channels, power/control and signal parts of the products was carefully considered to make sure noise reduction and musical performance were further enhanced beyond the electronic design.


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