Audio Hungary Qualiton Phono MK2


In addition to the MM preamplifier already present, they also integrated MC step-up transformers into the circuit design.

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Audio Hungary Qualiton Phono MK2

Qualiton Phono MK2

Features Description and Design Philiosophy

Although the previous Phono model had a really nice sound character, Audio Hungary wanted to improve the whole package in several areas, including functionality, aesthetics, reliability.

In addition to the MM preamplifier already present, they also integrated MC step-up transformers into the circuit design.

These transformers were made in their in-house transformer factory, so they had complete freedom to optimise them, keeping in mind the synergy with the other subcircuits.

It was a significant challenge to place them inside the device in such a way that the magnetic fields originating from the mains and the power supplies doesn’t compromise these sensitive MC circuits.

To ensure this, we even covered the step-ups with high-permeability magnetic shields.

Audio Hungary have simplified the selection of the cartridge termination impedance.

They found, that too many options confused users.

Therefore, with the current model, the user can choose between two settings: the Lo-Z position is recommended for MC-cartridges with an internal impedance between 2 and 10 Ohms, while in Hi-Z position this impedance range is between 10 to 40 Ohms.

Of course, this is only a recommendation, you are is free to choose between these options.

They also redesigned the MM preamplifier, based on the MM-circuits of their C200 preamplifier.

They further refined the sound with the Tung-Sol 6SL7GT tubes, and their appearance even improved the aesthetics.

Speaking of aesthetics, it was also quite a challenge to keep the noise floor low and to position the electron tubes of these really sensitive circuits on top of the chassis at the same time.

Audio Hungary have done everything to ensure that users can enjoy the appearance of these tubes, while keeping the noise level as low as possible: the sensitive points of the device are protected by extensive electrostatic and magnetic shielding.

The previously external power supply was also integrated into the device.

It has a shielded R-core power transformer, and all DC-voltages are stabilised, this ensures that unwanted signals from power supplies do not modulate the audio signal.

On the reliability side, they have included a delay circuit that activates the outputs of the device after 30 seconds of warm-up time.

In addition, it also monitors the mains supply, and if it is suddenly not present, it immediately disconnects the outputs.

In this way, pop-up noises occurring during switching on and off can be eliminated.

Specifications Audio Hungary Qualiton Phono Mk2

Specifications Qualiton Phono Mk2
Nominal output level – Line 700 mV
Input sensitivity – Phono (MM) 5 mV, to nominal output level
Input sensitivity – Phono (MC Hi – Z) 0,4 mV, to nominal output level
Input sensitivity – Phono (MC Lo – Z) 0,3 mV, to nominal output level
Max. input signal – Phono (MM) 120 mV
Gain – Phono (MM) +43 dB
Gain – Phono (MC Hi – Z) +65 dB
Gain – Phono (MC Lo – Z) +68 dB
Total harmonic distortion – Phono (MM) < 0.1%, (f = 1 kHz)
Frequency response – Phono (MM) 20 Hz – 20 kHz, (-0,5 dB)
Input impedance – Phono (MM) 47 kOhm
Recommended MC cartridge internal impedance – Phono (MC Hi-Z) 10 – 40 Ohm
Recommended MC cartridge internal impedance – Phono (MC Lo-Z) 2 – 10 Ohm
Signal-to-noise ratio – Phono (MM) > 70 dB (with tube cover)
Number of input ports 2 PHONO level input (PHONO MM, PHONO MC)
Number of output ports 1 unbalanced line level output (LINE)
Tubes required 4 x 6SL7GT
Weight 8 kg
Dimensions W:24 x H:16 x L:34 cm
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Audio Hungary Qualiton

The history of their firm started in the late 1940s. Rafilm National Radio-and Film technical Company was established by that time. The profile was very wide. In 1951 Audio Voice-,and Film technical Co., which was specialised in voice technology left from it. Audio line contained sound film projecting -,and amplifying equipments ,which became dominant. The development turned into electro acoustics and audio technology. Its name changed into Electroacoustic Factory, using the abbreviation EAG since 1960. Under the pressure of the German firm AEG it changed its name into BEAG ( Budapest Electroacoustic Factory). The really successful history of the Co. started by that time. It produced complete studios, sound systems, teaching equipments. Manufacturing in Nyíregyháza has developed from 1970. One of the most successful movements was the building of the full sound-system of the Moscow Olympics in 1980. BEAG, the biggest electroacoustic factory of the eastern block, broke into smaller units in the privatisation period. The main line, which contained the producing of amplifiers, loudspeakers, and microphones was continued by UNIVOX Ltd. In 1990, the old-established Budapest Electroacustic Factory (better known as BEAG) which mainly produced PA systems, was disbanded. At this time, based on the Nyíregyháza plant of the company, Univox Kft was established. This new company continued to offer a considerable portion of the product range of BEAG, including amps for industrial use, outdoor and indoor speakers, intercom systems and microphones. This extraordinarily wide product range was available for our customers until the beginning of 2014. In 2014, Univox Kft was bought by Audio Hungary Kft which perpetuated the name UNIVOX as a brand name. The production range did not cease to exist but the number of products went significantly down. Due to the fusion of the two companies, the huge body of this acquired knowledge and production experience enabled to create and produce premium category audio products. Following the most possible recent electrical and mechanical engineering solutions, by the first quarter of 2015, our specialists, relying on their considerable hands-on expertise—and complemented by the young engineering team of Audio-Hungary Kft—came up with the very first amp of the company, designed under supervision of the new management: the UNIVOX APX 200 tube power amp. This is their way of paying tribute to the appliance APX 100 of the company BEAG which now has been rendered into a remarkable piece of home consumer electronics by them. According to this, the amp features 4 Ω and 8 Ω outputs for a favourable price in its category. As far as the quality of their products is concerned, they do not make any compromises. Appliances launched under the brand name UNIVOX consist of electric circuits made of selected high-quality components. They are placed in solid and carefully conceived metal frames. They are working on developing durable power amps and integrated amps, designed for the Hungarian and international market, as well as—in addition to vacuum tube amps—on designing hybrid constructions using semiconductors. The development and launching of speakers and cables, belonging to the series, is in progress too. They are spending a great deal of time and effort perfecting one of the most delicate points of vacuum tube amps, the output transformer. Their transformers are excusively made in their newly set up plant on up-to-date toroid and linear coil winding machines. Finally, they hope that their appliances, made to meet with high technical demands, will be to the liking of all whether it is a preamp or a power amp, a hybrid amp or a full tube amp. QUALITY POLICY The management of Audio-Hungary Kft, designing, developing and producing high fidelity electronic devices, is dedicated to fully implement the requirements set out in their quality policy. The management of the organisation as well as the staff co-operate in order to achieve their objectives. Their organisation is dedicated to the implementation of requirements and continuously wishes to improve the quality of its procedures by consistently applying the quality manamegent system. They wish to outperform their competitors by ensuring high quality and maintaining reliable and regulated business relations. Each and every worker of theirs is accountable for performing his or her own task in a manner which makes consumers thoroughly satisfied. In order to achieve this, they permanently develop our coworkers’ skills. Their quality policy goals are: - Continuous development of their quality management system - Continuous acquisition of new customers - Production of consistently high-quality products - Customer satisfaction In line with their quality policy, they set quality goals for the achievement of which appropriate specialists and tools as well as conditions necessary for a quality operation are made available by their management.
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