Audiophile Analogue Collection Vol.2


All Tracks Recorded at 15 ips Direct on NAGRA IV-S, 1/4 inch Analog Recorder in Nagra Master EQ Curve on SM468.

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Audiophile Analogue Collection Vol.2

Audiophile Analogue Collection Vol.2

The 45rpm double disc Audiophile Analogue Collection features a variety of recordings from the world of movies, blues, percussion ensembles, world music and jazz.

This is part of a special series of compilations of analogue audiophile recordings at their best, with emphasis on execution and great sound.

The 2xHD Fusion Mastering System is an innovation in audio restoration for a virtual audio reality.

In the constant evolution of its proprietary mastering process, 2xHD has progressed to a new phase called 2xHD Fusion, integrating the finest state-of-the-art analogue Nagra-T tape recorder modified with high-end tube playback technology, wired with OCC silver cable for better transparency and 3D imaging.

2xHD Vinyl are sourced from first generation analogue recordings without any digital corruption.

The cutting is done at Bernie Grundman Mastering Lab on tube cutting equipment.

Track List: Audiophile Analogue Collection Vol.2

Side A:
Lights of Barcelona (Marc Vallee Trio – guitar, stick, percussion)
Recorded at the CBC Studio Quebec with Fidelio microphones in M-S on Nagra IV-S
Libertango (Trio de Curda – cello, accordion, double bass)
Recorded at L’Eglise St-Jean Baptiste in Montreal with Neumann stereo Tube microphone SM69 in Pure Blumlein technique on a Nagra V-S

Side B:
Route 66 (Doreen Smith – vocals)
Recorded with a Fidelio microphone on a NAGRA IV-S
Seven Last Words of Christ – Intro. (Monique Page – soprano, Regis Rousseau – organ)
Recorded at Montreal’s Eglise due Tres-Saint-Nom-de-Jesus, with two B&K omni microphones on a Nagra IV-S. The Casavant organ used in this recording is the 4th most powerful organ in the world. It has a reach below 20 Hz.
(A note of caution: Be very careful with the playback level on first listen. The dynamics are wide, and there is a 16Hz organ tone that can cause distress to your speakers if you’re not careful.)

Side C:
Song for My Father (Swingaro – guitar, cello bass)
Recorded at L’Eglise St-Jean Baptiste in Montreal with Neumann stereo Tube microphone SM69 in Pure Blumlein technique on a Nagra V-S
Alle, Psallite Cum, Laya. (FACD 015) [Les Jongleurs de la Mandragore – oud, harmonium, cittern, flute, soprano vocals, percussion)
Recorded in La Chapelle du grand seminaire in Montreal, with custom Fidelio wood sphere tube microphone in binaural technique on a Nagra IV-S
Le Violette (Anonymous tenor & harpsichord players)
Recorded in the Saint Jean-Baptiste chapel in Montreal with custom Fidelio tube microphone in M/S, on a Nagra IV-S

Side D:
Echanges Synaptiques Interdits – Intro (Frederic Alaire – double bass, Eric Chappell – double bass, octobass)
Recorded at la Maison Symphonique in Montreal with two custom 2xHD omni microphones, on a Nagra IV-S. Special thanks to Canimex.
Echanges Synaptiques Interdits (Frederic Alaire – double bass, Sylvain Provost – acoustic guitar)
Musicus Percussion #3 (Musicus Percussion Ensemble)
Recorded on a Nagra T, at Montreal’s Salle Claude Champagne; using 2 AKG C12, 4 Neumann U67, 2 B&K 1 inch microphones



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