Chord Company Banana plugs (set of 4)


The ideal after-market solution for the termination of any speaker cable.

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Chord Company Banana plugs 

Chord Company set of 4 banana plugs

The ideal after-market solution for the termination of any speaker cable.

Adaptable Chord z-plug design that will connect to all types of speaker and amplifier.

Easy to use. Cable can be secured to the plug using screw or solder.

Each kit contains: 4 x 4mm speaker plugs 2 x red covers & 2 x black covers

Direct gold-plated Copper beryllium contact

Can be used with both standard 4 mm and BFA type sockets

Twin fastening screws provide positive connection and strain relief.

Easy-fit plastic cover.


Compatible with all speaker cables

Fitting instructions for Chord Company Banana plugs 

1. Most Chord Company speaker cables have an outer jacket that surrounds the insulated conductors.  Approximately 150mm (6 inches) of this outer jacket should be removed from the end of the cable prior to fitting Chord screw-type speaker plugs.

2. Strip the end of each conductor so that approximately 8mm (3/8thinch) of bare conductor is exposed.

3. Unscrew both screws on the cable connector and push the bare cable into the socket at the rear of the plug .  The screw nearest the gold-plated speaker connector should be screwed down on to the bare conductor and the second screw should be screwed down on to the insulation surrounding the conductor to provide a degree of strain relief.

4. The speaker plug is provided with a colour coded cap.  These are simply screwed into place to provide easy identification of positive and negative speaker cables.

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Chord Company

Chord Company


The Chord Company was formed in 1984. It all started over dinner one night in Salisbury, when a group of visiting Naim Audio USA retailers asked Naim Audio UK for a good-quality DIN-to-RCA interconnect. At the table, was one Sally Gibb, then married to a Naim Audio executive, who made the (historic) suggestion that she make the cables and start a business. With the blessing of Naim Audio, the journey to make cables for America began. With USA referring to cables as ‘cords’, the name The Chord Company, with its obvious musical connotations, seemed perfect and it quickly stuck. Sally drew a logo, designed the packaging and started testing prototypes. Completely British design and construction, although difficult to source at the time, was paramount and days of searching eventually led to suppliers of sufficient quality. Friends at Naim Audio provided expertise and advice, with many of them helping to build the cables. The first prototype was named “Chrysalis Cable” and the Americans swiftly returned with an initial order of 250! Cables were built, tested, packed and taken along to the Post Office.  Invoices were typed on a typewriter! After two steady years, The Chord Company got its first press review (by Malcolm Steward) and then the phone started to ring…


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