dCS Lina Master Clock


Used as part of a complete Lina system, it enhances all aspects of sound for an even more immersive listening experience

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dCS Lina Master Clock

dCS Lina Master Clock

Their Grade 1 Master Clock uses dual crystal oscillators to deliver a precise and stable clocking reference.

Used as part of a complete Lina system, it enhances all aspects of sound for an even more immersive listening experience

  • Allows the Lina Network DAC to be locked to a master reference signal for enhanced audio performance
  • Minimises jitter and irregularities that can cause distortion
  • Dual crystal oscillators – one for 44.1kHz and one for 48kHz – ensure accurate clocking for all audio formats and frequencies
  • • Standalone design with dedicated chassis and electronics minimises risk of clock signal interference
  • • Oven-controlled oscillators ensure a consistent and stable performance, even under changing conditions
  • • Minimises the risk of jitter and delivers a notable increase in sound quality when streaming or listening via USB
  • • Delivers clock signal accurate to > +/-1 ppm
  • • Uses propietary clocking technology refined over three decades, for unrivalled precision and longevity

 About the dCS Lina Master Clock

Lina Master Clock Audio Venue

The Lina Master Clock is a product inspired by their absolute dedication to achieving the highest possible standards of sound reproduction.

It is informed by their experience developing master clocks for professional and home use – something they have been doing for over 30 years – and the feedback they have received from listeners and audio experts who have experienced significant sonic benefits after adding a dCS master clock to their system.

Designed for use with the Lina Network DAC, it uses two crystal oscillators to deliver a precise and stable clocking reference for all audio formats and frequencies.

When paired with the Lina DAC, it allows the DAC’s internal clock system to be locked to a master signal for even greater precision and enhanced audio performance.

Its standalone design ensures sensitive clocking components are protected from factors that can cause interference.

Each crystal oscillator is also oven-controlled to ensure its performance remains consistent, even under changing conditions and temperatures.

Designed for maximum reliability and longevity, it is a silent but powerful component engineered to operate with absolute precision and consistency, so you can experience the best possible performance from your system.

Combined with the Lina Network DAC and Headphone Amplifier, it delivers an even more profound and immersive listening experience, and helps ensure the audio you hear sounds exactly as it should.

35 years in the making

dCS pioneered the use of external master clocks in the 1980s, and they have been honing and refining their approach ever since.

The dCS Lina Master Clock brings together all that they have learned from their extensive experience developing clocks for professional and home use and their numerous innovations in the field.

Proven to inspire

dCS research has shown that adding a master clock to a digital audio system can have a dramatic impact on sound.

Subjective listening tests have revealed improved imaging, resolution, dynamic expression and localisation, plus a greater sense of rhythmic movement and flow.

It’s for this reason that they have continued to advance the standard of clocking and develop dedicated master clocks for all multi-component dCS systems.

Expertly crafted

As with all dCS products, the Lina Clock is hand-assembled in Cambridgeshire, England, by their talented technicians – a highly skilled team of experts who make sure each product that leaves their factory is built to the highest possible standards.

Each clock is subject to exhaustive performance tests and rigorous inspections before shipping, so you can be confident it provides the highest levels of performance and reliability.

Specifications dCS Lina Master Clock

Specifications dCS Lina Master Clock



dCS Founded in Cambridge, UK, by a group of expert electronic engineers, Data Conversion Systems originally designed and manufactured high performance analogue-to-digital converters (ADCs) and digital-to-analogue converters (DACs) for major telecommunications companies and military agencies, whose primary requirement was technology that delivered state-of-the-art precision, linearity and reliability. Their success in this field meant that dCS quickly became known for the performance of its converters and so, recognising in the late nineteen eighties that this technology had a key role in music recording and playback, the company decided to concentrate on developing products for the recording industry. While the focus had changed, their commitment to producing systems of unrivalled accuracy had not, and consequently their products were – and still are – used by some of the world’s most successful recording studios and personnel. dCS recruited some of the smartest and most creative digital audio engineers in the world, and the company evolved into producing digital hi-fi sources which let music lovers enjoy sound of unrivalled quality in their own home. This focus on Research & Development also resulted in a range of proprietary dCS technologies of which the most significant is the legendary dCS Ring DAC™. Their products continue to set new standards of performance in terms of both objective test measurements and subjective listening Performance Matters At dCS they care deeply about meeting their own uncompromisingly high standards. They hope their products stir a passion for music that lasts a lifetime and their greatest success is that products become invisible, leaving you the listener with only the music. Delighted customers and industry recognition have followed them too. Over the last quarter of a century dCS has amassed a wealth of awards


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