EAhibrid PureDC-B1


Unleashing the performance of all, like the router, switch, streamer, and DA converter

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EAhibrid PureDC-B1

EAhibrid PureDC-B1

Battery Linear Power

EAhibrid is the hybrid of two brands, ENIGMAcoustics and Hibrid.

The EAHibrid PureDC-B1 is designed by the award winning team Enigma.

The PureDC-B1 uses the best Li-ion battery from TESLA 2170 cells.

The audiophile grade design dramatically improves the sound stage, details, every musical note, and additionally video streaming is improved as well..

Furthermore, there is need to worry about the battery capacity, PureDC-B1 offers both “Pure Play Mode” and “Unlimited Play Mode”.

Cutting the AC noise with the special buffer and isolated design, even when playing and charging at the same time.

One more thing, they even built the “True Grounding design” to leak out the possible digital noise, a further way to get the sound better and better.

EAhibrid provides smart hi-end solutions for music lovers, unleashing the performance of all, like the router, switch, streamer, and DA converter for your audio system.



Battery:                  TESLA 2170 Li-ion Battery

Play Mode:               Pure Play Mode & Unlimited Play Mode

Cabling:                  OCC Silver Cable Inside

Grounding:               True Grounding Design

Power Management:       Smart Power Management

Power Output:            USB 5V and 9V/12V

Engineered & Manufactured: Made in Taiwan



Model or Series:  PureDC-B1 (5V / 9V / 12V)

9V / 12V:        2.5A continuous, 10A peak

5V (USB):       1.0A continuous, 1.5A peak

Battery Charging: DC 16.8V / 2A

Battery Pack:    5000mAh / 4 cells

Size (W x L x H):  276 mm x 245mm x 50mm

Weight:         2.55 kg



EAhibrid Logo

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