JL Audio Fathom CTS Subwoofer range


Fathom® in-wall subwoofer system, CTS home theatre subwoofers are designed to deliver un-compromised bass performance for virtually any custom-integrated application.

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JL Audio Fathom CTS Subwoofer range

Born from the JL Audio revolutionary Fathom® in-wall subwoofer system, CTS home theatre subwoofers are designed to deliver un-compromised bass performance for virtually any custom-integrated application.

Centred on a groundbreaking, 13.5″ thin-line driver, all CTS enclosures are critically constructed with extensive internal bracing aimed at improving rigidity, while keeping a low profile and minimal wall thickness. Offered in five models, each sealed enclosure features medium-density fibreboard (MDF) construction with reinforced areas to facilitate direct-to-frame mounting.

Each CTS system is driven by a rack-mountable, purpose-tuned amplifier capable of delivering up to 2 kW of clean power. The powerful DSP engine is also on-hand, including JL Audio’s exclusive Digital Automatic Room Optimisation (D.A.R.O.) system to ensure a smooth response, even in challenging rooms.

Fathom® CTS custom home theatre subwoofers deliver stunning JL Audio bass performance and fidelity in the most demanding home theatre or music system applications.

Endless possibilities – Five enclosure models are available to accommodate virtually any mounting application and orientation


Loudspeaker Technology

In every subwoofer design, the driver establishes the performance and is the primary factor in the resulting quality. Getting it wrong at this fundamental loudspeaker level means accepting distortion and non-linearities in the final product. JL Audio insist on getting the driver right and building everything else around it.

As a designer and builder of loudspeakers, JL Audio can center every home subwoofer project on a unique driver design — one that is precisely aimed at physical and performance goals.

JL Audio apply proprietary modelling systems to study loudspeaker motor, suspension and structural behaviours, and use the most advanced test systems in the industry to verify the results. These practices, and our decades of loudspeaker design experience, provide insights and breakthroughs that lead to world-class results.

CTS-13.5inch driver

Never reluctant to innovate or create new loudspeaker parts for a project, JL Audio found that investments leading to better performance and reliability are always well-spent. This position extends to the manufacturing of their home subwoofer drivers. They source the finest materials and components globally, but they build every loudspeaker in their state-of-the-art U.S. factory.

JL Audio’s driver technology and precision assembly together form a fundamental advantage you will not find in other subwoofers.

Electronics Technology

Essential Amplification

An inherent challenge in the design of a compact subwoofer system is that extremely high power is required to reproduce strong, deep bass from small enclosures. The driver needs to be able to handle the heat and excursion, and the amplifier must provide high levels of clean, controlled power. If either one falls short, you begin to hear distortion, and dynamics lose their realistic edge.

JL Audio launched its first switching Class-D amplifier design more than two decades ago, at a time when the technology was just emerging. Over the past 20 years, they have continually refined their amplifiers, applying unique solutions to the specific challenges of low-frequency performance.

Signal Processing

Signal processing plays several vital roles in a powered subwoofer, enabling user – adjustable features, providing room response optimisation, and controlling the baseline performance of the subwoofer system.

Digital Automatic Room Optimisation

In typical listening spaces, subwoofer and listener placement have a profound effect on the accuracy of low-frequency reproduction. We always recommend that you place your subwoofers in optimal locations, but we know real-world concerns can get in the way. In a home, subwoofer placement almost always involves a compromise between sonic performance, practicality, and aesthetics.

To address this dilemma head-on, JL Audio developed a technology called Digital Automatic Room Optimisation (D.A.R.O.). It is extremely powerful, yet simple to use. You will not need a computer or complex measurement equipment.

Flexible Fidelity

Each amplifier is preloaded with field-programmable EQ filters designed to optimise performance for each CTS enclosure type.

JL Audio Fathom CTS subwoofer range specifications

JL Audio CTS range specs


Full installation service available – please contact us for site survey and separate quotation


Additional information


2 x CTS-113-MD900-13TW5H & SAv2-2KWS113U, 2 x CTS-113-SD1400-13TW5H & SAv2-2KWS113U, 2 x CTS-113-ST575-13TW5H & SAv2-2KWS113U, 2 x CTS-113-TT525-13TW5H & SAv2-2KWS113U, CTS-113-MD900-13TW5H & SAv2-1KWS113U, CTS-113-SD1400-13TW5H & SAv2-1KWS113U, CTS-113-ST575-13TW5H & SAv2-1KWS113U, CTS-113-TT525-13TW5H & SAv2-1KWS113U, CTS-213-TD900-13TW5H & SAv2-2KWS113U


JL Audio

JL Audio was founded in 1975 by James Birch and Lucio Proni. They used the first letter of each of their names, to form a company name, hence "JL." The lucky few who have heard a great subwoofer, well-integrated into an audio system, know that the subwoofer's effect is profound. While everyone expects the bass extension to improve, most are shocked at the transformation that occurs in the main speakers. They simply open up, delivering improved dynamics, superior imaging and more low-level detail. Many describe it as the greatest speaker upgrade they have ever made. JL Audio's award-winning lineup of powered subwoofer systems begins with proprietary subwoofer drivers and amplifier designs, precisely optimised for their intended physical envelopes and design goals. Because of this, they are not limited by which sub-assemblies are openly available on the world market. Instead, each system is fanatically engineered and precision-built in their JL Audio Miramar, Florida factory, with global components, to reflect their passion for spectacular audio and product quality Now they make in our opinion the best Active subwoofers for home that we have heard


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