Luxman L-509Z


This super integrated achieves a high-dimensional musicality and unprecedented scale as an integrated amplifier.

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Luxman L-509Z

Luxman L-509Z

Their next-level “one-body separate” concept, pursuing the ideal of a new, all-in-one flagship amplifier equipped with “LIFES” amplification feedback engine in both preamp and power amp stages.

The Luxman L-509Z has a completely redesigned ODNF amplifier negative feedback circuit, which was the heart of their L-509X flagship integrated amplifier released in 2017.

Following the M-10X stereo power amplifier and the L-507Z integrated amplifier, this next-generation amplifier circuitry delivers extremely high-quality sound.

This super integrated achieves a high-dimensional musicality and unprecedented scale as an integrated amplifier.

LECUA, their high-quality, electronically controlled attenuator mechanism that manages volume control, has evolved into LECUA-EX, combining a new rotary encoder with a weighted rotation mechanism to enable smoother and more precise volume control than ever before.

In terms of functionality, in order to further enhance the convenience of an audio amplifier required by modern music lovers, with a 7-segment LED level display making it easy to check the volume.

A newly developed phono equaliser circuit compatible with MM and MC cartridges (2 step gain) provides more authentic enjoyment of analogue record playback, which has been completely revived in competition with modern media.

In order to actively control sound quality there is a 3-band tone control stage with additional dedicated midrange.

Luxman have added a new 4.4mm headphone output terminal with independent left and right ground wiring and power supply interlocking for use with other equipment with trigger input/output and external control terminals, perfect specifications to satisfy a variety of audio playback tastes.

The L-509Z is a “one-body separate”, the ultimate expression of an integrated amplifier from LUXMAN, as they look forward to their 100th anniversary in 2025, still never compromising on quality.

This product’s long-awaited debut as an integrated Features Luxman L-509Z Electronic circuitry and features

L-509Z Internal

– Equipped with LUXMAN’s original amplification feedback engine LIFES 1.0 for both pre and power amp section.

– 3 stage Darlington equipped quadruple-paralleled push-pull configuration for a high output power rating of 240W x 2 (4Ω).

Their LECUA electronically controlled attenuator system has evolved into LECUA-EX, combining a new rotary encoder with a weighted rotation mechanism to enable smoother, more precise volume control over 88 increments.

– Highly stable power supply that combines a top quality El type 600VA power transformer and large capacity filter capacitors (8×10,000 ㎌ ).

– Peel coat PCB are used for amplifier and audio circuit boards to eliminate any dielectric effects.

-A newly developed phono equaliser circuit compatible with MM and MC cartridges (2 step gain) for high grade analogue record playback.

– 3-band tone control with added MIDDLE that allows you to adjust the sound quality of the vocal band (BASS/MIDDLE/TREBLE).

– Bi-amp configuration with additional power amplifier and pre-power separation that enables coexistence with AV systems (SEPARATE function) and is equipped with two pre-outputs.

– A new mute button on the front panel (remote control can also be operated).

– Large, parallel configured speaker relays with low resistance, supporting excellent speaker drive ability over direct-wired speaker terminals.

– Beeline construction that directs audio input signals via the optimum shortest route through to the speaker output and non-angled circuit board tracing realises smooth current transmission in consideration of the current flow of delicate music signals.

Internal wiring features unique OFC cabling that realises natural signal transmission over non-plated copper core wire with spiral shielding.

Design, Exterior

Design L-509Z

– Sensitive, needle-type analog meters with white LED illumination.

– Hairline top panel finish with fine cut ventilation holes, the same design as their Luxman M-10X.

– 7-segment LED for the volume level display with excellent visibility placed in the centre of the large meters.

Mechanics, Accessories

– Equipped with RCA input terminals made from a copper alloy which delivers conductivity of copper and hardness of brass (LINE-1, 2).

– 18mm pitch RCA input/output terminals that support audiophile grade cables with large connectors (LINE-1 and LINE-2 are 20mm pitch).

– In-line (LR same characteristics) speaker terminal layout (A, B system) that are easy to connect to, even with thick cables, supporting Y terminators.

– In addition to the standard 6.3mm terminal, a new 4.4mm headphone terminal has been added, with left and right independent ground wiring that greatly improves L-R separation over the headphone outputs.

– Four large density gradient, cast iron feet that protect delicate music signals from vibration.

– New control input and output terminals link remote control signals between compatible devices and expand support for remote operation by other wireless devices looking toward the future.

– Equipped with a new trigger input and output terminal that enables power supply interlocking between compatible devices (3.5mm monaural jack, daisy chaining is also possible).

– High-end RA-17A aluminium remote control that can also operate compatible LUXMAN CD players made after 1996.

Specifications Luxman L-509Z

Specifications Luxman L-509Z

Rated output 120W+120W(8Ω)、240W+240W(4Ω)

Input, separate in/output LINE x 4, Phono x 1 (MM/MC-H/MC-L), Balanced x 2, Separate input x 1/output x 2

Speaker output A, B 2 line (A&B outputs are operable at the same time)

Volume control LECUA-EX

Amplification circuit, output configuration LIFES 1.0, Bi-polar quadruple parallel push-pull

Input sensitivity/impedance PHONO: (MM) 2.5mV / 47kΩ、(MC-H) 0.3mV / 100Ω、(MC-L) 0.1mV / 40Ω、LINE: 180mV / 47kΩ

Total harmonic distortion 0.006% (1kHz/8Ω), 0.03% (20Hz~20kHz/8Ω)

S/N ratio, frequency response LINE: 106dB or more, 20Hz~150kHz(+0, -3.0dB)

[Front panel] Power button, Input switch selector, Volume control, Headphone jack (Φ6.3/Φ4.4mm),

Speaker selector(OFF/A/B/A+B), Tone control(BASS/TREBLE), L/R balance control, L&R Meter,

Volume level LED, Separate, Cartridge(MM/MC-H/MC-L), Line straight, Mute, Remote control receiver

[Operable only via remote] Subsonic, Monaural, Loudness, Meter [Rear panel] In/output terminals,

Ground terminal, Balance phase switch, Trigger terminal, Control terminal, AC Inlet

Power consumption 370W, 130W(No signal), 0.4W(Standby)

Dimensions, weight 440(W)x193(H)x463(Including 20mm front)




The history of the LUXMAN audio brand began in 1925, at the birth of radio broadcasting. LUXMAN has paid particular attention to the world of audio and has gained high reputation as a quality brand of high-end audio products both domestically and internationally. People tend to open their mind to natural things and react negatively to the unnatural. Natural sound, without coloration, develops an intimacy between the music and the listener. Naturally and purely reproduced music resonates with the listener’s imagination. LUXMAN reflects this effect in our product development. Music that features a performer's true passion and which a recording engineer has worked on precisely benefits from the fine nuances in sound which LUXMAN aims to reproduce, conveying the sprit of the artist and the enthusiasm of the performance. They strive to bring to the listener the experience of unlimited, pure music. Composers, performers and recording engineers have poured their true feelings into our favorite pieces of music. LUXMAN would be satisfied if the listener could experience those same passions through our products. LUXMAN has celebrated its 90th anniversary and hopes to discover new excitement through wonderful music and to continue to share that pleasure with everyone.


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