Lyra PhonoPipe


Lyra PhonoPipe measures only 32pF for its 120cm length, including connectors.

Lyra PhonoPipe

Lyra PhonoPipe

Low Capacitance Tonearm Cable

Lyra PhonoPipe is a Tonearm to phono stage interconnect cable that is made with very low capacitance as a top priority, and is designed to give users more flexible loading options at the phono stage.

By enabling the use of higher-value phono stage input termination resistors, it prevents unnecessary degradation of the cartridge’s dynamics, resolution, and tracking ability.

It uses construction techniques and materials that are known to be effective in reducing capacitance, but since these techniques do not lend themselves to machine production, Lyra PhonoPipe is built by hand.

The solid-core conductors are made of 6-9 high-purity copper, and arranged in a widely spaced twisted pair configuration to reduce capacitances.

The dielectric used is air, since it is a superior dielectric and results in lower capacitances than any solid material.

The unique 5-pin input connector separates the left and right channels immediately at the tonearm base for minimised crosstalk.

(Alternatively PhonoPipe is also available with RCA or XLR input connectors.)

Each channel is built within its own large-diameter rigid but flexible hollow shield, which again reduces capacitances and crosstalk.

The custom RCA output connectors use a minimum of metal, and are likewise designed to minimise capacitances.

(Alternatively Lyra PhonoPipe is also available with XLR output connectors.)

As a result of these labour-intensive and meticulous construction methods, Lyra PhonoPipe measures only 32pF for its 120cm length, including connectors.

All prices shown are for 1.2meter lengths

Delivery times can vary so please ask before ordering to avoid disappointment.

Our demonstration Brinkmann Bardo with the new 12″ tonearm is fitted with the PhonoPipe, an exceptional combination made even better with a high quality cartridge.


Available termination options

5 pin Din – RCA, as we use this our demonstration model available on a next working day.

5 pin Din – XLR



Additional information


5 Pin DIN to RCA, Balanced XLR to XLR, RCA to RCA, 5 Pin Din to XLR


Lyra Phono Cartridges

Lyra Phono Cartridges Lyra’s exquisite phono cartridges are the beautiful result of a collaboration between a remarkable trio, Jonathan Carr, the American conceptualiser and designer, Yoshinori Mishima, the Japanese master-craftsman. Under his watchful eye ensures state-of-the-art manufacturing and assembly, and Norwegian Stig Bjorge, the business head, who ties the enterprise together. All three share an intense passion for audio and are fanatical about creating and producing the most advanced possible phono cartridges. This Tokyo-based team not only lives on the frontier of design and manufacturing, they are constantly moving that frontier forward. Lyra’s mission is to create long lasting products that combine original thinking, advanced engineering, and ideal materials application. Lyra’s cartridges are built 100% from the ground up in Japan, with the artisanal craftsmanship that Japan is revered for. The result is a family of transducers that extract an unprecedented level of revealed texture, transparency, and dynamic contrast from an analog music collection, ensuring maximum immersion and emotional involvement in the music. Music can inspire, energize, or relax. Immersion into our personal music can rejuvenate us, nourish us intellectually and emotionally, and can stimulate our imaginations. Listening to music can be an effortless form of meditation. Just like a live performance, analogue playback has a unique ability to allow us to relax, let our guard down, and to disappear into the music and ourselves. Lyra phono cartridges provide a direct and transparent conduit to the music waiting for us in our LP collection. It is with these objectives in mind that Lyra presents its latest works of art

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