MS HD Power MS328 The Blue


MS HD Power MS328 The Blue – Premium range of high quality UK 13A 3 pin plugs have been designed to be used with high quality audio equipment

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MS HD Power MS328 The Blue

The Blue premium range of high quality UK 13A 3 pin plugs have been designed to be used with high quality audio equipment for optimum power transmission.

All the electrical parts (plug pins, fuse and all other internal conductive parts) are made from premium quality copper and electroplated with 3um x silver plating, 24K Gold plating or 3um x Rhodium plating; the Fuse Clips are made of high spring rate Phosphor Bronze, again with 3.0µm x silver plating, 24K Gold plating or 3um x Rhodium plating and supplied with a 13A silver plated fuse, fitted. All these conductive parts including the fuse undergo a deep cryogenic treatment in the UK specifically designed for audio components. This cold annealing process seems to increase the material conductivity.

The heavy duty mains wire-clamps design ensure an air tight connection to ensure perfect power transmission and also protect the power cable wires from damage over time (inferior plugs secure the cables by the grub screws twisting down onto the cable directly and are prone to material ‘creep’). The plug will accept wires up to 4mm diameter – and clamp a cable of up to 16mm overall diameter.

The plug casing is manufactured from blue colour semi-transparent nylon material, offering durability, high insulation and light weight.

Audio listening trials have been undertken to assess the impact different materials and colours have on this plug design casing, re. audio performance. It was found that black cases offer slightly less dynamics and clarity. The tests were all tried using a very high end audio system where the sound qualities could be readily heard in A/B comparisons. There is no firm technical explaination for this, but it is suggested that the carbon powder used to manufacture black colour plastic is acting as a slightly capacitive or inductive element between the plug pins. Using a blue dye in the plastic material had no detrimental effect v. clear plastic, and the blue semi-transparent finish was considered both attractive and transluscent enough to partially hide the internal wire connections.

The patented plug design allows for easy cable fitting (instructions provided) and the ease of cable fitting cannot be under estimated – it makes this premium quality mains plug so easy to use.

Compliance with: BS-1363 (plug), BS-1362 (fuse).

Laboratory certificated to BS1363-1 1995, through Intertec ETL Semko, certificate available as pdf, ask for copy if documentation required.

Mains voltage rating: 200~240 VAC x 13A

Size (Housing Only): Width 68mm, Depth 33mm, Height 68mm (inc. cable clamp)

Weight:100 grams

Display packing. Size packed: 70mm W x 60mm D x 105mm H, fitting instructions included.

MS328SK Silver plated

MS328GK Gold plated

MS328RK Rhodium plated


MS HD Power

MS HD Power is the high end audio trading name of Winbo Industries (H.K.) Ltd. a well established Hong Kong based company with over 30 years of designing and manufacturing electrical plugs and sockets.

Major products include U.K. type 13A fused plugs and IEC plugs; and European type plugs & connectors.

Winbo Industries is ISO 9001 certified company whose products are conformed to BSI, VDE, KEMA KEUR, NEMKO, IMQ, OVE, CEBEC, SEV, NF-USE, SABS, SAA and CPS.

Supported by an advanced, versatile and well organized Research and Development Team that has electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, material engineers, quality engineers and many technicians. All products are guaranteed to be of excellent quality and sold at a competitive price.

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