ProAc Response DB1


Small appearance with large stage presence.

ProAc Response DB1

Small appearance with large stage presence.

Small mini monitor type loudspeakers have become very popular for those wishing for a high quality sound with a minimal visual effect.

ProAc DB1


Although the mini monitor type speaker can be quite accurate and indeed sound better than many bigger loudspeakers, which obviously have not been made with the same care, the Achilles heel of a small loudspeaker is the bass extension and sound stage size.

A big loudspeaker can produce low octaves and give you a large sound stage ideal for large orchestral and high level rock; however they can be an eyesore and dominate the room visually.

ProAc have set out to try and achieve in a small speaker a sound normally associated with a larger speaker particularly the bass response.

The ProAc DB1 cabinet is slightly larger than the previous model; the cabinet is made from different thicknesses of high density MDF and further damped by bituminous damping to control cabinet resonance.

A newly designed long throw bass driver with raised spider and linear motor system was used and ported at the rear.

The cone is made from mikapulp which is then elastic coated and fitted with their ProAc acrylic pole damping phase plug.

The new crossover was designed to give a flatter response at high levels and the tweeter is a ProAc 1 inch silk dome similar to that used in the ProAc Response D2.

The midrange and high frequencies of the DB1 are superb and in the ProAc tradition low in colouration and high in detail.

The new bass driver gives a wonderful bass quality, punchy and extended and some way towards a larger enclosure.

The DB1 also gives a larger sound stage normally associated with bigger enclosures.

ProAc Response DB1 Specifications

ProAc Response DB1 Specifications

Nominal Impedance  8 ohms

Recommended Amplifier Power 20 to 100 watts

Frequency Response 35Hz to 30KHz +/- 3dB 50Hz-20KHz

Sensitivity 87.5 dB linear for 1 watt at 1 metre

Bass Diver ProAc 5” long throw unit with special cone

Tweeter ProAc 1” silk dome with special coolant.

Crossover Finest components on dedicated circuit board.

Crossover Frequncy 2.9KHz

Dimensions ProAc Response DB1

Height 320mm

Width 182mm

Depth 280mm

Weight 8.8Kg

Stand Mounted

Grille Acoustically transparent Crimplene

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Black Ash, Cherry, Ebony, Mahogany, Natural Oak, Rosewood, Silk White, Walnut


ProAc Loudspeakers

Even in the short history of high-end high fidelity, few companies have lasted the course. Even fewer have consistently developed and produced high quality products which have earned international acclaim. ProAc is one such company. The ProAc range is, as they say, reassuringly expensive. We do not make cheap loudspeakers and certainly do not produce cheap sounds. Happily, many thousands of audiophiles worldwide agree with our philosophy. Every ProAc loudspeaker is hand-crafted, with our technicians individually responsible for the building and testing of each unit, from the flagship Response models to the diminutive Tablette. Build quality alone is unsurpassed, each cabinet being meticulously constructed, damped and finished in real wood veneer. Only the very finest components are used in ProAc loudspeakers, with each new model reflecting the very leading edge of audio technology. Indeed many models now incorporate dedicated drive units using our own basket, cone and magnet assemblies. Drive unit performance is fine-tuned through expensive and sophisticated crossover networks. But all the finest cabinets and components in the world are redundant without inspired design. And for a quarter of a century Stewart Tyler, Chairman and Chief Designer has been responsible for putting it all together and producing the performance. He alone decides the cabinet size and configuration, drive unit layout and crossover design and all the other factors which combine to produce some of the most cultured sounds available in modern audio. ProAc loudspeakers are available through a network of enlightened dealers who will be pleased not only to put our models through their paces, but to give informed advice on partnering equipment. When you think you've heard the best, then go and hear ProAc.


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