PS Audio P5




AC Power regenerator. The P5



The second largest of PS Audio’s AC power regenerators, the P5 produces pure and perfect AC and is the power source of choice for almost any size system.

You don’t need to compromise anymore

You have spent anywhere from a significant personal investment to a small fortune on your love of music, on your desire to have the best home experience possible. And – even though the best equipment has power supply regulation built in – your utility company isn’t helping you.

You NEED good, stable, reliable AC but unfortunately the power coming into your home is distorted, dirty, unregulated and deteriorating the performance of your system. Now you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

The PS Audio’s Power Plant AC regenerator takes the power you’re given from the utility, converts it to DC and then regenerates brand new and perfect power once again. For more than 13 years the Power Plants have been producing perfect AC all over the world, helping audio- and video-philes and people who simply want better results from their investment achieve the best their equipment can provide.

Why do you need a Power Plant?

Everything we hear in an audio system is, in one form or another, modulated AC power. Everything we see in a video system is also built on AC power.
We can put one band-aid after another on what the utility company sells us, but ultimately our love of listening to recorded music in the best form possible is limited by the quality of that one source.

It’s the foundation on which an audio/video system is built. And what PS Audio has learnt as an industry over the 50+ years that high-end audio has been evolving is: that power we buy is none-too-reliable, and unfortunately far more often than not, very poor quality.

The PS Audio Power Plant is an affordable reboot of that limitation – using the supplied power only to run, it provides a stable and near-perfect AC sine wave, freeing up your components to do their best work. It has been called the single most important piece of equipment in an A/V system. With a PS Audio Power Plant as the essential building block, your system will always be able to perform at its best.


The PerfectWave Power Plant; a major step forward
Besides being domestically built by hand, what else is new in the P5? The P5 is the second largest, and one of the most remarkable Power Plant ever built. It will handle even wider voltage fluctuations than any Power Plant yet, up to 280 volts for our overseas models and up to 170 volts for our domestic pieces, enough to deal with even the most unstable supply your utility throws at you. You can throw virtually anything at the Perfect Wave series Power Plants and still expect your A/V system to perform its best.

Compared to their previous state-of-the-art, the Power Plant Premier, the P5 boasts twice the magnetics, twice the energy storage and four times the number of output devices, which provides a stunning reduction in output impedance. In fact, the output impedance of the P5 is now 100 times lower than any Power Plant ever built.


Features P5


Regenerated AC power

Low distortion sine wave

100 times lower output impedance

MultiWave and CleanWave

Quiet running

Regulated AC

1000 watt continuous output power

50 amps peak power

THD analyzer

Real time oscilliscope

Touch screen

Variable output voltage

Web control for scheduling and reporting

Individual zone controls from front panel

Nano Crystalline filters

8 Power Port AC receptacles (US unit)

Solid copper delivery system

True dynamic voltage regulation

Better bass from equipment

Real isolation

Protection for everything connected

Lowers distortion by 10 times

Ultra low output impedance

Superior noise reduction

Delayed turn on for proper startup

Scheduling equipment shut down and turn on saves energy

Protect satellite or TV as well

Harmonic analyzer gives complete visibility of your power

Real time oscilliscope gives before and after results



PS Audio

PS Audio is now based in beautiful Boulder Colorado, with engineering, sales, marketing, production and administration facilities nestled up against the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Their company is still family owned and operated, a tradition they are proud of. Products are engineered in-house from the ground up using some of the most sophisticated design and evaluation tools available. They are strong proponents of utilising the latest technologies in service of building state-of-the-art high value music products for our customers. Their core products are all hand built to investment level standards in their modern production facilities in Boulder Colorado. They are a proud employer of more than 30 local artisans who design, build and make their products available all over the world. From their family to yours, let’s keep the spirit of great music and performances alive and well. If you’re in the neighborhood, come by and visit!