Pro-Ject RPM 5 Carbon


The RPM 5 Carbon is supplied with the outstanding 9CC Evolution tonearm pre-installed | Available now at Audio Venue

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Pro-Ject RPM 5 Carbon

Designed to replace the award-winning RPM 5.1, the RPM 5 Carbon takes a technological, audible and cosmetic leap forward compared to the high standard set by its predecessor.

The stylish plinth and decoupled-motor design has been chosen due to the proven performance benefits discovered with the range-topping RPM 9 Carbon and RPM 10 Carbon.

The low-resonance MDF plinth is finished with a premium quality gloss and topped with carbon fibre for added rigidity.

The chassis contains a new inverted platter bearing with ceramic ball for minimal rumble.

The whole plinth sits on top of three adjustable spiked feet to further keep resonance away from the record surface.

The thick acrylic platter, designed specifically for the RPM 5 Carbon, is acoustically inert to ensure the purest playback of any vinyl record.

The platter is driven by a fully-detached 9V AC motor, which offers a smooth and consistent rotation thanks to the ultra-precision, DC-driven AC generator built into the motor housing.

The RPM 5 Carbon is supplied with the outstanding 9CC Evolution tonearm pre-installed.

The 9CC Evolution boasts a 9” one-piece carbon fibre tube and inverted bearing design that allows for perfect tracking, even with demanding pick-up cartridges and less-than-perfect records.

The heavyweight assembly and TPE-damped counterweights ensure unwanted resonances are swiftly drawn away from the signal wires.

The tonearm’s ability is so well recognised, that it’s found on other successful turntable designs, including the award-winning Pro-Ject Xtension 9 SuperPack.

The tonearm is terminated to a junction box, and a quality set of RCA interconnect cables are supplied in the box.

As with the whole RPM series, the RPM 5 Carbon utilises all its carefully selected elements to deliver a product that looks and sounds great.

The sound performance is recognisably “Pro-Ject”, with toe-tapping rhythms and engaging detail throughout.

The RPM 5 Carbon is available in three high-gloss paint finishes – black, red or white – and is also supplied with a screw-on record clamp, for further improved performance.

Key Features:

  • Precision belt drive turntable with decoupled synchronous motor
  • PCB-controlled motor with highly precise speed stability
  • Inverted platter bearing with ceramic ball
  • Acoustically inert acrylic platter
  • Supplied with 9CC Evolution tonearm
  • Adjustable aluminium spiked feet
  • Available in three high-gloss base colours (black, red or white)
  • Dust cover available as optional extra

Specifications RPM 5 Carbon

Nominal Speeds: 33 / 45 RPM (Manual)
Platter: 300mm Acrylic
Main Bearing: Stainless Steel Axle with Ceramic Ball
Wow & Flutter: 33: ±0.12%
45: ±0.10%
Speed Drift: 33: ±0.17%
45: ±0.08%
Signal to Noise -73dB
Tonearm: 9CC Evolution
Effective Arm Length: 230 mm
Effective Arm Mass: 8g
Overhang: 18mm
Tracking Force: 0 – 25mN
Included Accessories: Record Clamp, RCA Cables
Power Supply: 15V DC / 800mA Power Supply
Power Consumption: 5W max. / < 0.3W (Standby)
Dimensions: 430 x 150 x 323 mm
Weight: 8.0kg (net)

Additional information


Black, Red, White


No Cartridge, Pick-IT DS2 MC Cartridge



Pro-Ject was founded in 1991, during the onslaught of the compact disc and CD players, with the mission to offer the best analogue experience for reasonable prices. In a time where the digital audio media had been on the rise, and vinyl was declared as outdated and dead, Heinz Lichtenegger kept his belief in the simple but best way to enjoy music – turntables Their aim is to get as many people as possible into the wonderful hobby that is HiFi audio and to deliver a real stereo experience for the lowest cost possible. The best way to start there is with a proper turntable. They want to give the customers back the right to choose what they need, without overblowing their products with unnecessary features. At Pro-Ject they strive to create astonishing products with impeccable value. They only use the best components for the price and manufacture their handmade goods solely in Europe. With an eye for future trends they are always trying to fit the needs of the market. With an unexpected hit-review of the Pro-Ject 1, the success-story began its first major chapter. With the gaining popularity and interest, more and more international distributors began to make Pro-Ject turntables available in their countries. Today they ship into more than 80 countries world-wide and are happy to share some of their passion with every customer. With cutting edge technologies and machines, they are able to create visually pleasing products without losing the eye for the finest details. In Czech Republic, they produce all their turntables from scratch, by hand and in house. From the tiniest screw to the chassis, everything is done by their technicians. A strict four step quality control ensures that everything works as intended. In Slovakia they manufacture micro sized high end audio components. By shrinking the cabinets to a miniature size, they were able to save costs and offer their customers a true price to performance relation.  

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