Run DMC – King of Rock


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Run DMC – King of Rock

Run DMC - King of Rock

Run-D.M.C. leaves no doubt about its intent on King of Rock.

The New York trio’s hard-hitting sophomore album begins with a statement of purpose (“Rock the House”) that serves as a stereophonic primer for the title track.

A hybrid warning-anthem-theme song that swarms with justified boasts, heavy metal riffs, booming beats, cowbell accents, and dance-worthy grooves.

The back-to-back tunes set the tone for a 1985 record that largely established the blueprint for the hip-hop that would follow for the next two decades – and which helped make rap a mainstream currency via the previously off-limits channels of radio, TV, and the national stage.

“It’s not Michael Jackson/And this is not Thriller,” the group broadcasts early on in the record.

Truer words – and music recorded with such honesty, pride, rawness, and integrity – have seldom been committed to tape.

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Track List: Run DMC – King of Rock

Rock the House
King of Rock
You Talk Too Much
Jam-Master Jammin’
Roots, Rap, Reggae
Can You Rock It Like This
You’re Blind
It’s Not Funny
Daryll and Joe (Krush-Groove 3)

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180G Vinyl, SACD

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