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The really impressive thing about Sarum speaker cable though is its ability to disappear into any system it’s used in.  Its signature is fundamentally neutral, so what you will hear is your speakers and electronics, not the speaker cable.

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This is a new experience, all the things you want and more besides.  Detail, drama, emotion, rhythm, dynamics and timbre.


Silence between each note, a stereo image so solid that you could walk into it, voices at the right height, an orchestra with every instrument perfectly in place.  Like being there, like listening to music being created.

“The Chord Company is one of the few brands that fundamentally understands this ‘joined-up thinking’ approach to cable design”

“On its own it seems to bring so much control and definition, but used with Tuned ARAY interconnects you just forget about the speakers, the cables and the electronics and get caught up in the music.”

The aim of any speaker cable designer is to produce a cable that allows as much information through as possible, and at the same time ensuring that the cable has a neutral tonal signature.  In other words it’s a speaker cable, not a tone control.

This is just what Sarum speaker cable achieves.  It’s a speaker cable that will carry information (down to micro dynamic and micro tonal) extremely accurately. It will do so over any length as well.

Sarum speaker cable uses very high quality silver-plated copper conductors and lots of them.  It’s a heavy speaker cable with an extremely low resistance measurement.

The really impressive thing about Sarum speaker cable though is its ability to disappear into any system it’s used in.  Its signature is fundamentally neutral, so what you will hear is your speakers and electronics, not the speaker cable.

Fit Sarum speaker cable to any speaker, either stand mounted or floor standing, and start discovering the performance of your system and the power of your favourite music.

Use it with Tuned ARAY interconnects and you’re going to get a truly musical sound that borders on magical.

Conductors:  2 x 10 AWG multi-strand silver-plated oxygen free copper.

Configuration:  Individually shielded twisted pair configuration.

Conductor insulation:  Air spaced PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene).

Shielding:  Dual layer, high frequency effective braid and heavy gauge foil.

Jacket:  PTFE and white braid.

Diameter:  2 x 12mm.

Colour:  White.


Terminations:  Chord 24 karat gold-plated banana plugs, direct gold-plated copper spade connectors and BFA Camcon connectors.

Because of the complexity of construction, Sarum speaker cable is only available in factory-terminated lengths.


Each set of Sarum speaker cable is produced to order and although the conductor pairs are separately shielded, the cable is twisted along its length in order to improve flexibility.  Each end of the cable is secured with an aluminium clamp, designed to hold the cable securely but not to compress the conductors.

Experiments showed that compressing the shield and insulation on either speaker or interconnect cables altered the characteristics of the cable and subtly degraded performance.

Use it with

Sarum speaker cable will do what really really good speaker cables do.  It will let you hear what your system is doing.  It will add nothing (in terms of unwanted colouration and noise caused by interference) and take nothing away (detail, dynamics of all sorts, timbre, tone).  It’s as coherent as your system.  It’s pretty close to invisible.

There is something very special about a system fitted with Sarum Tuned ARAY interconnects and Sarum speaker cable, but even as the only Sarum cable in a system, Sarum speaker cable produces profoundly musical improvements.

Min length: 1.5m pair £1650.00

2.0m pair £2200.00

3.0m pair £3300.00

4.0m pair £4400.00

5.0m pair £5500.00


Chord Sarum Links also available, Sarum speaker links are more that just the final link for a system full of Sarum cables. They are an easy way of getting the last ounce of performance from any high resolution speaker system, regardless of the speaker cable you are using.

The links are fitted with Chord’s 24 karat gold-plated banana plugs and pure copper gold-plated spade connectors

Links sell for £295.00

Sarum speaker cable always playing in our Ealing demonstration room.





Chord Company

Chord Company


The Chord Company was formed in 1984. It all started over dinner one night in Salisbury, when a group of visiting Naim Audio USA retailers asked Naim Audio UK for a good-quality DIN-to-RCA interconnect. At the table, was one Sally Gibb, then married to a Naim Audio executive, who made the (historic) suggestion that she make the cables and start a business. With the blessing of Naim Audio, the journey to make cables for America began. With USA referring to cables as ‘cords’, the name The Chord Company, with its obvious musical connotations, seemed perfect and it quickly stuck. Sally drew a logo, designed the packaging and started testing prototypes. Completely British design and construction, although difficult to source at the time, was paramount and days of searching eventually led to suppliers of sufficient quality. Friends at Naim Audio provided expertise and advice, with many of them helping to build the cables. The first prototype was named “Chrysalis Cable” and the Americans swiftly returned with an initial order of 250! Cables were built, tested, packed and taken along to the Post Office.  Invoices were typed on a typewriter! After two steady years, The Chord Company got its first press review (by Malcolm Steward) and then the phone started to ring…

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