Sarum Super ARAY Cables

Sarum Super ARAY Cables


Sarum Super ARAY RCA cable £1900.00


Like all the other Sarum Super ARAY cables, takes all that made the Sarum Tuned ARAY cables so special and seemingly removes yet another layer of noise, revealing a startling new level of musical detail.


All the detail there is means nothing if it’s not delivered coherently. This is where Sarum Super ARAY really makes its mark, it delivers coherence and that makes all the extra detail not just easy to hear but easy to listen to as well.  It adds dramatically to the sense of performance and with an ease and naturalness that makes listening to music a pleasure for hours on end. It’s a stay up late cable!


The new Sarum Super ARAY RCA cable is fitted with a new PTFE plug surround.  Like the acrylic plug surround fitted to the Sarum Tuned ARAY, the new PTFE version has been precision machined by a specialist company in the UK.  We’ve used PTFE for many years and the benefits of switching from the acrylic surround to the PTFE plug surround are extremely easy to hear.


The ultimate performance of any audio cable is always the sum of the parts and this is where the new PTFE plug surround comes in.  The Sarum Super ARAY uses the same conductors and cable as the previous Sarum.  The changes are the improved Super ARAY technology and the new PTFE plug surround.  The new Super ARAY technology is a really profound upgrade to performance in every way and goes a long way towards turning a hi-fi system into something that delivers a real musical experience.


The Sarum Super Aray XLR £2750.00


Quieter – the silence between notes is a lot more apparent and that’s something that surprised us again.  That classic musician’s quote about music being the silence between notes has never been more apparent – and what it adds to the musical experience is easier heard than talked about. All that silence means a lot of unheard but definitely unwanted noise has gone.


This isn’t a clever cable trick, this is a cable that truly gets out of the way, and anyone with an understanding of how important rhythm and timing really are (and that’s pretty much everyone) will hear just how good Super ARAY cables really are. They bring out the magic in music.


The Super ARAY power cable £1700.00


The conductor geometry was developed just as Chord started to work on a new UK mains plug and IEC plug. These are the plugs that are fitted to the final version.


The mains plug features silver-plated contacts that are plated to their specification and the plug casing has been modified to allow them to fit a pair of silicon spacers to control and damp vibration.


The IEC plug has also been fitted with heavier silver-plated gauge contacts. These are the best plugs they have heard or used.


The conductors are the same as the ones used on the original Sarum and then Sarum Tuned ARAY power cable; what’s changed is the way that the new Super ARAY conductors are fitted. This involves the fitting of an ARAY chamber and extensive internal re-working. The strongest visual clues though are the new plugs.


The really good thing about all the new Sarum Super ARAY cables is that the fundamental changes are to the ARAY technology and not to the signal conductors. This means that any Sarum Tuned ARAY or even original Sarum cable can be returned to Chord and re-built to the new Super ARAY specification.


Sarum Super ARAY digital signal cable £1900.00


Is one of the most specialised and unusual cable designs that Chord have used.  Like other Sarum conductors, the internal cables are coaxial in design but the actual structure makes it unique. There is a single central conductor which is micro polished prior to being silver-plated. This is insulated with an air spaced PTFE wrap and then shielded with a unique heavy gauge silver-plated wire helix configuration, producing an unusually dense shield that protects the signal conductors from not just electrical interference, but also provides a very high degree of mechanical insulation as well.


The outer jacket is extruded PTFE and like other Chord digital cables, the construction is unusual in that separate signal and return conductors are used.


Most digital cables use a single run of coaxial cable with the return being made by the shield.


The Sarum Super ARAY digital uses two runs of cable, one carrying the signal and the other the return.


Discontinued Replaced By Sarum T


Chord Company

Chord Company


The Chord Company was formed in 1984. It all started over dinner one night in Salisbury, when a group of visiting Naim Audio USA retailers asked Naim Audio UK for a good-quality DIN-to-RCA interconnect. At the table, was one Sally Gibb, then married to a Naim Audio executive, who made the (historic) suggestion that she make the cables and start a business. With the blessing of Naim Audio, the journey to make cables for America began. With USA referring to cables as ‘cords’, the name The Chord Company, with its obvious musical connotations, seemed perfect and it quickly stuck. Sally drew a logo, designed the packaging and started testing prototypes. Completely British design and construction, although difficult to source at the time, was paramount and days of searching eventually led to suppliers of sufficient quality. Friends at Naim Audio provided expertise and advice, with many of them helping to build the cables. The first prototype was named “Chrysalis Cable” and the Americans swiftly returned with an initial order of 250! Cables were built, tested, packed and taken along to the Post Office.  Invoices were typed on a typewriter! After two steady years, The Chord Company got its first press review (by Malcolm Steward) and then the phone started to ring…