Sonus faber IL Cremonese


A three-and-a-half way, floor-standing loudspeaker, Il Cremonese is the result of evolutionary product design, and the adaptation of technologies from the Lilium and other Sonus faber speaker projects

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Sonus faber IL Cremonese

loudspeaker paying homage to both history and innovation

Sonus faber Il Cremonese, the latest creation from the fabled Italian manufacturer: a no-compromise, high end loudspeaker to join the most iconic family in the Sonus faber catalogue, the Homage Collection.

As the newest member of the Homage Collection, Il Cremonese shares many features of both form and function.

A three-and-a-half way, floor-standing loudspeaker, Il Cremonese is the result of evolutionary product design, and the adaptation of technologies from the Lilium and other Sonus faber speaker projects.

The name Il Cremonese is an homage to Antonio Stradivari, and one of his most famous violins, celebrating its 300th anniversary in 2015.

First named after the original owner, and known since the 18th century as Joachim, Stradivari’s violin was renamed “Il Cremonese” in 1961 when it was selected as the first Stradivari to return to the city of Cremona as part of the permanent collection in the Museo del Violino.

This is one of the most important instruments in the history of Italian violin making, thanks to its innovative design and proportions, the quality and the depth of sound, and the beautiful materials and finishes used to create it.

Technological innovation.

Many Sonus faber patents and technologies, originally initiated with “the Sonus faber” and later models, are implemented in Il Cremonese:

Stealth Reflex System – allowing for a reduction in the dimensions of the internal acoustic volume while providing distortion control.

They utilise two orthogonal ports: one on the back for the midwoofer, and the other on the base, facing the floor, for the woofers and infrawoofers;

Z.V.T. (Zero Vibration Transmission) system – used for decoupling the speaker’s cabinet from the floor and the rest of the listening environment, this is implemented in a revolutionary way inside the floor spikes.

This new system continues to use new, modern elastomers, and guarantees a further simplification in the construction and aesthetic lightness;

Specifications Sonus faber IL Cremonese Wenge

Upper and lower “Dampshelves” – two massive slabs of black brushed Avional, operating as mechanical energy dampers generated by Il Cremonese’s powerful drivers;

“Staggered Low Frequencies Emission Technology” system – used for the first time since “the Sonus faber” project, it optimises the performance of the integrated infrawoofers.

The driver cones are a continuing expression of Sonus faber’s ingenuity.

Designed entirely in-house, these drivers serve sound reproduction at the highest level: the tweeter is the Sonus faber Arrow Point DAD (Damped Apex Dome), the midrange is a Sonus faber M18 XTR-04, the woofers are the Sonus faber W18XTR-12 (a scaled-down version of the Lilium woofers), and the W22XTR-16 infrawoofers are a new project from the Arcugnano factory.

The crossover network utilises the innovative “Paracross topology” for superior results.


Sonus faber Il Cremonese is characterised by an innovative cabinet with five sides, a “Rhomboidal diamond design” which optimises the structural solidity of the wooden cabinets with a unique diamond shape that is immediately recognisable.

Inspired by the shape of Lilium, Il Cremonese introduces clean lines and an elegant, minimal, and sharp design.

This new and a typical Sonus faber form represents an evolution towards technological and visual innovation, simultaneously maintaining the historic milestones that marked the history of violin making, as well as the history of the Sonus faber brand itself.

Il Cremonese pays homage to Antonio Stradivari, a luthier and artist who revolutionized traditional violin craftsmanship, and continued the work of Andrea Amati to create new concepts of form and finishing that are still appreciated and cherished today the world over.


Sonus faber IL Cremonese Red


As in Lilium, Il Cremonese combines contrasting design elements within a reduced cabinet volume: excellent capability for low frequency reproduction as well as the entire audio spectrum and the expression of power and absolute silence and resolution thanks to its floor decoupling system.

The aesthetic design of Il Cremonese was created to achieve the objective of natural sound reproduction while simultaneously communicating new visual elements.


Specifications Sonus faber IL Cremonese walnut

Lacquered walnut wood, tempered glass, leather and brushed black aluminum – the same materials of Aida and Lilium, and also the new Homage Collection.

Il Cremonese is available in the classical Sonus faber finishes of RED, WALNUT and WENGE

Features Sonus faber IL Cremonese


3.5 way, full para-aperiodic vented box “Stealth Reflex System, and “Zero Vibration Transmission” technology, vibration transmission- decoupled from the floor, staggered low frequency floorstanding loudspeaker system.


Sonus faber IL Cremonese production

“Rhomboidal diamond design”, distributed thickness triple layer cabinet walls , damped with spread resonance spectrum system and harmonic decay internal reflections.

Sub–structural ribs are strategically placed for total rejection of spurious vibrations and standing waves control.

Two double “dampshelves” (from “The” experience), i.e. CNC anodised machined Avional “vibration dampers” (on the top and on the bottom of each cabinet) “stiffen” the column structures reducing consistently structural micro-vibrations coming from the cabinets’ walls and the transducers.

The subwoofer enclosure has been integrated in the main enclosure through a new implementation of the Staggered low frequencies emission technology.


Sonus faber “Arrow Point” DAD (Damped Apex Dome, synthesis of the classic dome and ring transducer) H28 XTR-04.

A Sonus faber designed 28 mm moving coil driver, with Sonus faber’s vibration optimised mechanical interface.

The ultra dynamic linearity is given by the new Neodymium motor system.

Implemented with a natural wood acoustic labyrinth rear chamber, a mechanical anti-resonator designed for this application.


Sonus faber M18 XTR-04.

A Sonus faber designed 180 mm neodymium magnet system ultra dynamic linearity midrange.

CCAW wire is used on a composite former “eddy current free” voice coil.

The dynamically linear magnetic field motor incorporates triple Kellog/Goeller rings.

A special custom diaphragm is made with a real time air dried non pressed blend of traditional cellulose pulp, kapok, kenaf and other natural fibers, developed according to the most natural sound.

To further inhibit any residual cone coloration we are using a transparent viscous surface damping coating.

The same way as the tweeter, the midrange is decoupled from the main baffle board and designed synergistically with its optimised “acoustic chamber”.

A special coaxial anti-compressor is used, designed to remove cavity resonances and distortions.


Sonus faber W18XTR-12.

A pair of Sonus faber designed 180 mm lightweight “sandwich” cone structure (high-tech syntactic foam core and two external surface skins of cellulose pulp) woofers are integrated in an acoustically amorphous “stealth reflex” chamber.

Designed to blend perfectly with the special midrange and, at the same time, to have absolute definition in their range: the sandwich structure with outer paper pulp skins has the same sonic character of the midrange cone.

A powerful long stroke motor system with a 1,5” controlled “eddy current” voice coil is implemented for high speed, performance and linearity.


Sonus faber W22XTR-16.

A pair of Sonus faber designed 220 mm lightweight “sandwich” cone structure (high-tech syntactic foam core and two external surface skins of cellulose pulp) infra woofers are integrated in an acoustically amorphous “stealth reflex” chamber.

Designed to blend perfectly with the special woofers and, at the same time, to have absolute definition in their range: in fact using exactly the same cone sandwich structure with outer paper pulp skins.

A powerful extreme linear stroke motor system with a 2” controlled “eddy current” voice coil is implemented for the presence of the lowest.


Non-resonant design, optimised amplitude/phase response for optimal space/time performance. “Paracross topology”.

The impedance at low frequencies is controlled for a clear and friendly amplifier performance.

Double staggered transfer function low frequency/room interface optimised filter.

Highest quality is used in terms of the components: latest generation Mundorf “Evo” Oil and Silver/Gold/Oil capacitors, Jantzen inductors.

Specifications Sonus faber IL Cremonese


25 Hz – 35.000 Hz, Stealth reflex included.


80Hz – 250 Hz – 2500Hz.


92 db SPL (2.83V/1 m).


4 ohm.


100W – 800W, without clipping.


(IEC 268-5)

30 V rms


1449.6mm x 398.23mm x 621.8mm

57.07’’ x 15.68’’ x 24.5’’


84 Kg / 184.8 lbs each – net weight.

Additional information


Red, Walnut, Wenge


Sonus Faber

Sonus Faber History

1980 SNAIL

The first pioneering project by Franco Serblin, founder of Sonus faber. A completely new concept for that time, an all-in-one system entirely made in solid wood.

1983 PARVA

On March 25, 1983 Sonus faber becomes a company in its first headquarter, a small laboratory in Monteviale, on the hills of Vicenza. Sonus faber launches its first product Parva, a 2-way monitor speaker with a midrange cone in Kevlar and the cabinet in solid walnut wood.



Now well-established: accurate design and high quality natural materials for a natural sound reproduction.

Sonus faber began to be internationally recognized; most of its first international partners are still Sonus faber distributors nowadays.


Sonus faber demonstrate to the audiophile world what it was capable of with Extrema, a unique speaker with “extreme” components


It’s the year of the revolution. With the extraordinary Guarneri Homage Sonus faber begins its studies of the lute design and create the first speaker ever with the cabinet structure inspired by the lute shape


Amati Homage added to Guarneri Homage giving life to the first version of the iconic Homage collection

2001/2002 CREMONA

Following the path stared with Guarneri Homage, Sonus faber introduced of the Cremona collection, a family of speakers that enhanced the concept of the lute shape cabinet design


Creation of the first flagship Stradivari Homage, an innovative project that occupy an important place in the history of High Fidelity industry

2011 AIDA

Debut of the new flagship, Aida, able to reveal how much the company has evolved whilst keeping its original spirit intact and synthesizing ‘mature tradition’ with ‘technological innovation’


Homage Tradition collection has been launched, the fourth generation of Homage collection, inspired by the excellence of the Italian handcraft tradition. An ambitious project in terms of electroacoustics solution and driver development, that also introduced the new Wengè finish, a new essence of wood darker than the classic walnut, but still warm and elegant


The second edition of Olympica collection, that has always embodied the company’s stylistic manifesto. Olympica Nova pays homage to its predecessor while adding a substantial amount of freshly developed technology, from new drivers, crossovers and internal volume tuning to a brand new cabinet structure and a renewed exterior look. Olympica Nova is where experience meets elegance. It is the distillation of our identity: Olympica Nova is Sonus faber.

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