Spectral Cocoon


Spectral Cocoon

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Spectral Cocoon

Cocoon is for aficionados of cinema and admirers of beauty.

This versatile media cabinets offer almost unlimited space for discreetly storing away all your home cinema equipment.


A liberating experience


Cocoon liberates your living room – by putting your audio and video equipment out of sight.

Starting with your speakers: fabric fronts hide them away, but let you enjoy the sound to the full.

The interior of the unit can be flexibly configured, allowing you to position sound projectors, subwoofers and centre speakers as you wish.

And the optional opening in the base allows you to operate downfire subwoofers inside your Cocoon.

Spectral Cocoon smart light

Spectral Smart Lights create gentle, atmospheric background illumination.

  • Versatile media furniture
  • Modular design
  • Out-of-the-ordinary finger-pull grip
  • Mounted on polished stainless steel supports
  • Scratch-resistant glass surfaces in more than 2,000 colours
  • Concealed sound systems
  • Smart Charge feature
  • Smart Light LEDs
  • Pivoting TV mount
  • Floor standing version
  • Floor standing as roomdivider version

Magnetic magic

Cocoon, like all Spectral furniture, gives you intelligent cable management.

The glass top is held firmly in place by magnetic mounts – but can be removed quickly and easily to stow away your equipment, such as your home cinema Amplifier, game console or vinyl record players.

When combined with the Smart Charge feature, it means good-bye to cable clutter. And hello to neat-and-tidy.

All good things come in threes. Cocoon can be configured to your personal preferences.

You can make your very own lowboard by combining the three storage and media elements in accordance with your specific needs and wants.

The elements are available with a pull-down flap or pull-out drawer, and with a glass or fabric front. And the optional back panels ensure that Cocoon looks good from all sides – making it

ideal as a partition, for instance between dining and sitting areas.

Cocoon is configurable and combinable

The storage and media elements can be flexibly combined. So no wall is too big, or too small, for Cocoon.

Let’s go vertical

Sometimes, even the roomiest of lowboards is simply too small.

You really would like to have your photo album, your chessboard, and that bottle of single malt whiskey close at hand. So why not combine Cocoon with wall-mounted units

from the Next and Wall collections? Their minimalist looks are just perfect for the clean lines that characterise Cocoon.

We have examples of Spectral Cocoons at both our showrooms

Spectral Cocoon




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