Sumiko Black Pearl


Moving magnet cartridge with spherical stylus

Sumiko Black Pearl

Oyster Series

The Black Pearl utilises the same proven, reliable cartridge body as the internationally renowned Pearl, mounting the same spherical stylus as the Oyster onto an improved cantilever. This unique combination gives a rich musical output, benefiting from greater channel separation and a wide frequency response that pushes the listening experience to the next level.

Offering a notable step-up over the budget Oyster, but still achieving an affordable price-point, the Black Pearl embodies the company’s core philosophy of high fidelity sound at any cost.

Key Features:
Moving Magnet cartridge with Spherical stylus
Wide frequency response picks up all musical details
Smooth and warm sound
Alloy tube cantilever
Overhead mounting design
High output for easy matching to a phono stage
Easy to set-up and install
RS Black Pearl replacement stylus available

Sumiko Black Pearl specifications

Frequency Response:
18Hz – 27kHz

Output Voltage:

Load Impedance:

Channel Seperation:
28dB @ 1kHz

Channel Balance:
<1.0dB @ 1kHz

Stylus Type:

12×10-6 cm/dyn

Tracking Force Range:
1.8g – 2.2g

Recommended Force:

Cartridge Weight:


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Phono Cartridges

Since the production of the first Sumiko cartridge in 1982, Sumiko has been focused on creating phono cartridges that combine state of the art technical performance with the practical requirements of superb tracking and a musical, non-fatiguing, sonic presentation. From their budget-friendly Oyster Moving Magnet models, to their Low Output Moving Coil Reference cartridge designs, all Sumiko Cartridges are hand-built in Japan by skilled artisans to excel at the reproduction of analogue music

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