Wellfloat Double


The latest in the Wellfloat Board series, using “hanging structure,” which is well known to audiophiles.

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Wellfloat Double

Wellfloat Double

WELLFLOAT / Double 4548

The ultimate in anti vibration measures, having a two­ stage pendulum structure which boasts the ultimate in antivibration.

The multistage pendulum structure developed for the Wellfloat Babel is used for boardtype insulators.

The unique four unit, two layer Wellfloat mechanisms achieve the squared effect of the single stage pendulum type.

The latest in the Wellfloat Board series, using “hanging structure,” which is well known to audiophiles, suppresses sound distortion to the utmost limit.

■ Superior vibration suppression characteristics due to the “multistage

pendulum (2 layers)” which is also used for gravity wave detection.

■ A “multistage

pendulum” with resonant frequency f₀ has a damping

characteristic of H(f)~(f₀/f ) 2 x n power, while the Wellfloat Double has a

damping characteristic at f₀ =3Hz, at f = 300 Hz, two stages theoretically

have an isolation ratio of the eighth power of 10.

■ Further vibration reduction by combination of super anodizsd aluminum and sandblasted stainless steel.

■ Meticulously designed by a legendary figure in the global car design industry and former Nissan Chief Creative Officer (CCO), Mr. Shirou Nakamura.

Wellfloat Double was designed by him to fit well with contemporary high end audio design.

Specifications: Wellfloat Double

Specifications Wellfloat Double

Design: Builtin

8 small Wellfloat mechanisms (4 x 2 layers)

Material: Stainless steel, aluminum

Load capacity: 200 kg (static load)

Dimensions: 480mm X 450mm X 44mm

Weight: 10.8 kg




G CLEF Acoustics was established in Osaka in 1978. For over 40 years the main business of G-Clef has been supporting and developing systems for professional mixing consoles and recording equipment such as SSL, Studer, etc. Their client list includes concert halls, TV broadcasting companies, local government, research institutes, universities and other major companies in Japan. The original idea of pendulum in WELLFLOAT can be traced back to the childhood of the chief designer, Ryoji Nagata. Based on this 40 years’ experience of G CLEF, WELLFLOAT was developed to bring this innovation to the HiFi market.


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