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Totem Kin Sub

Totem Totem Kin Sub


Totem Kin Sub Totem Kin Sub, it is clear and coherent in all applications. In such a small package its dynamic capabilities are truly remarkable. The tightly sealed cabinet further expands placement potential. Packed into an ultra small footprint, the KIN Sub’s refined technology comes on strong with hefty performance and scale. In nearly all… Read more »

Fathom F110V2

JL Audio Fathom F110V2


Fathom F110V2 The Fathom f110v2 is the most compact subwoofer of the Fathom® line-up, offering 1100 watts of power to drive its single 10-inch active driver. The Fathom f110v2 is the most compact subwoofer in the Fathom line-up but is fully capable of delivering stellar performance in smaller spaces. The combination of an ultra-long throw… Read more »

JL Audio Fathom F113 V2


Fathom F113 V2 The Fathom f113 v2 is the third product of the Fathom® line-up, offering 3000 watts of power to drive its single 13.5-inch active driver. The Fathom f113 v2 is a heavyweight subwoofer capable of filling the most demanding rooms with powerful low-frequency output and reference-class sound quality. The combination of an ultra-long… Read more »


Paradigm MilleniaSub


MilleniaSub Reference Bass Your MilleniaSub is part of Paradigm’s ‘Reference’ collection, superb quality that includes ‘cost no object’ technology. Back-to-Back Bipolar Dual-Woofer Design … inherently vibration cancelling. Woofers fire in opposite directions resulting in a physical cancellation of vibrations and a massive reduction in the potential for sound-destroying resonances. Bloated, boomy bass?? Not a chance!! Killer… Read more »


Bowers & Wilkins DB3D


DB3D The DB3D delivers astonishing performance from a compact subwoofer. Its dual balanced 8-inch Aerofoil drivers are effortlessly powered by a 1000 Watt Class D amplifier to deliver punchy, deep bass Pristine bass, from a compact package When you demand faultless bass but floor space is at a premium, there’s the DB3D. This high-performance subwoofer… Read more »


Bowers & Wilkins B&W DB2D


B&W DB2D Power and subtlety With 1000 Watts of power, dual opposed 10-inch Aerofoil drivers identical to those found in the flagship 800 D3 and an incredibly rigid cabinet that helps reduce distortion for deep, agile bass, the DB2D is the ideal subwoofer whatever the use scenario. It packs more than enough of a punch… Read more »

Fathom f212v2

JL Audio Fathom f212v2


Fathom f212v2 The f212v2 is the flagship of the Fathom® line-up, offering 3600 watts of power to drive its twin 12-inch active drivers. The Fathom f212v2 is the ultimate expression of the Fathom formula. It is ideal for larger spaces thanks to its higher efficiency and higher power output. The combination of dual ultra-long throw… Read more »

Velodyne Microvee


Microvee The MicroVee is the smallest sub Velodyne has ever made, but once you experience its phenomenal output and impact, you’ll think it’s the biggest. Due to its compact size, the MicroVee subwoofer virtually disappears except for its amazing bass output. It will make you think that it breaks the laws of physics. You’ll ask,… Read more »

JL Audio Dominion

From £899.00

JL Audio have introduced a pair of remarkable powered subwoofers, the Dominion.  They deliver unprecedented levels of subwoofer performance at prices well within the reach of any serious audio enthusiast. The Dominion™ powered subwoofers benefit from JL Audio’s expertise in driver and amplifier design to arrive at a unique solution for applications requiring a compact,… Read more »

Bowers & Wilkins PV1D


PV1D Bass the way you like it. The PV1D will change the way you view subwoofers. Not just because of its inherently stable curved form, but because its digital platform which extends performance and flexibility. The PV1 has long been regarded as something of an icon in domestic subwoofer design, both for its striking shape… Read more »