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Esoteric K-03X


Replaced by Esoteric K-03Xs The K-03X all-in-one player is designed to offer as much of the stellar performance provided by the K-01X as possible. Using the same design philosophy as the K-01X, it also derives its leading technology from this model. Its VRDS-NEO VMK-3.5-10 drive mechanism now incorporates Esoteric’s advanced VS-DD servo driver for even… Read more »

Nu-Vista CD

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista CD


Nu-Vista CD  The Nu-Vista CD is the perfect match for the highly acclaimed Nu-Vista 800 integrated. Musical Fidelity have designed it, with exactly the same sonic parameters as the Nu-Vista 800. Being a Musical Fidelity product it has impeccable technical performance. Very low distortion, very low noise, excellent linearity and superlative phase response. The build… Read more »


Esoteric K-01X


K-01X Taking Sound to the X Dimension X is the unknown. “X” in a model name symbolizes the ultimate advancements of technology, craftsmanship and creative commitment. The K-01 and K-03 have won high acclaim as leaders of Esoteric’s line of all-in-one Super Audio CD players, and their extraordinary ability to reproduce the essential qualities of… Read more »

Musical Fidelity M6SCD


M6SCD The new M6scd is a superb performer by any measure. It uses a 32 bit DAC with 192 kHz upsampling and delivers a musical performance faithful to even the most complex recordings. Retained from the outgoing M6CD model is the same fabulous disc loading mechanism which proved to be both a great performer and… Read more »

Project CD BOX RS


CD Transport. CD Box RS The CD Box RS is a superlative top-loading CD transport that is built around the premium Blue Tiger CD-100 servo system, which is designed to handle 24-bit/192kHz FLAC playback. The CD Box RS is an elegant device that uses a stylish functional top-loading gravity design and a convenient magnetic clamp…. Read more »

Musical Fidelity M3 SCD


CD Player. M3 scd The new M3scd is a considerable step up from the M3CD it replaces. A new disc loading mechanism offers traditional draw and great disc playability. While the M3scd offers outstanding CD playback performance it also acts as a digital hub. This means other digital sources can be connected and played using… Read more »

Esoteric K-05X


K-05X Pursuing Radical Evolution, Not Nominal Improvements.. Reborn with a new ‘X’ designation, the K-05X and K-07X command central roles in Esoteric’s superb lineup of Super Audio CD players, and should really be considered ‘all-new,’ having been infused with the very essence of our flagship Grandioso models. These new players achieve the very tenets of… Read more »