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Bowers & Wilkins Formation Bar


Formation Bar Wireless soundbars are supposed to help give a full, immersive home theatre sound experience in a compact design, but often they fall short, with too few speakers that aren’t placed at an optimum angle due to the limited shape and size. With Formation Bar, Bowers & Wilkins has created a powerful multiroom soundbar that delivers legendary sound… Read more »


Bowers & Wilkins HTM2 D3


HTM2 D3 This highly capable centre speaker is the ideal partner for the smaller speakers within the 800 D3 range. Models we would suggest 805 D3, 804 D3 and 803 D3 Boasting Diamond dome tweeters, Continuum and Aerofoil cones, crystal clear sound is guaranteed. Continuum cone The Continuum cone delivers pristine midrange performance by effectively… Read more »


Triad Speakers ONWALL MICRO LCR 3.0


ONWALL MICRO LCR 3.0 Triad’s newest 3-in-1 onwall speaker is designed for use with shallow flat-panel televisions.   The OnWall Micro LCR 3.0 is the big brother of the OnWall MicroSat 3.0, offering more bass extension, and almost 5 dB more output, for exciting, dynamic sound. When used without a subwoofer, sound is full and… Read more »

Micro LCR 1.0

Triad Speakers Micro LCR 1.0

£840.00 each

Micro LCR 1.0 The new OnWall Micro LCR 1.0 was designed for use with today’s shallow flat panel televisions. This OnWall speaker offers excellent performance, with high output and clarity. The OnWall Micro LCR 1.0 can be used vertically, flanking a television for a left or right speaker, or horizontally, above or below your flatscreen,… Read more »

Bowers & Wilkins HTM1 D3


HTM1 D3 The ultimate centre speaker The HTM1 D3 is the perfect centre speaker to partner either the 800 D3 or 802 D3 in a breathtakingly realistic home theatre system. Its combination of Diamond domes, Continuum cones and Aerofoil bass drivers delivers pristine dialogue and natural, realistic music. Continuum cone The Continuum cone delivers pristine… Read more »