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Chord Electronics Huei


Huei Huei distils 30 years of amplifier design and engineering into an all-new phono preamp Advanced microprocessor-controlled phono preamp brings Chord Electronics’ three-decade-strong amplification expertise to turntables everywhere Entirely conceived, engineered and manufactured in Great Britain, Huei has been carefully designed to provide turntables with the same high standards of amplification the company has become… Read more »

M6 Vinyl

Musical Fidelity M6 Vinyl


M6 Vinyl Musical Fidelity Phono Stage The M6 Vinyl Phono Stage was truly a labour of love for Musical Fidelity, resulting in a phono stage that knows no practical limits. This Phono Stage will ensure your listening experience remains unimpeded by any unwanted noise, and remains distortion free. It is not possible to overload the… Read more »


Musical Fidelity LX2-LPS


LX2-LPS  The LX2-LPS is Musical Fidelity’s new baby. A high quality, flexible MM/MC phono stage with adjustable impedance and excellent technical performance. Housed in beautifully detailed and handsome metalwork it is the epitome of understated high-class elegance. Musical Fidelity designed it for reference level listening so it is unerringly accurate and faithful to the input…. Read more »

Nu-Vista Vinyl

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista Vinyl


Nu-Vista Vinyl The Nu-Vista Vinyl was a labour of love for Musical Fidelity. They love phono, They adore tubes, they are passionate about Nuvistors. They relished, revelled and basked in the pure joy of designing a product of their dreams. One quick look at the Nu-Vista Vinyl’s wonderful visuals confirms their feelings. They set out… Read more »


Luxman EQ-500


EQ-500 The joy of analogue reproduction is the indulgence of the harmonic density and tonal character of vinyl playback, faithfully reproducing sound vibration and resonance inscribed on analogue records without interruption The EQ-500 phono equaliser amplifier is a vacuum tube design for all stages to provide the ultimate experience in the expressive and colourful reproduction… Read more »


Arcam rPhono


rPhono Designed specifically to replace an in-built phono amplifier or to add a turntable connection to your existing amplifier, the rPhono is the latest addition to the rSeries. The rPhono benefits from Arcam’s more than forty years of analogue audio expertise and uses the finest quality parts in a layout that is optimised for low… Read more »


Vertere Acoustics PHONO-1


PHONO-1 MC | MM Preamplifier PHONO-1 Enjoy the full musical experience from every track and every album with PHONO-1, the perfect interface between your record player and your amplifier. MC | MM Preamplifier PHONO-1 gets the best from any high-quality record player, with maximum dynamic range and supreme detail resolution. With more than 10 gain… Read more »

Tube Box DS

Project Tube Box DS


Tube Box DS The Pro-Ject Tube Box DS is a new valve output phono pre-amplifier that offers improved performance from the original Tube Box S/E whilst maintaining an appealing price. The Tube Box DS presents an impressive sound making it a great audiophile upgrade for almost any mid-priced analogue hi-fi system. With a unique variable… Read more »

Phono Box RS

Project Phono Box RS


Phono Box RS The Phono Box RS represents Pro-Ject Audio’s first foray into the world of high-end electronics. As masters of the analogue domain, it seems only fitting that their first model in this new Reference Series range is a phono stage of true distinction. The Phono Box RS is an ultra-low noise and distortion preamplifier… Read more »


Musical Fidelity LX-LPS


LX LPS The LX LPS is a very high performance MM/MC phono stage with TWO turntable inputs.   It has an extra pair of input sockets so you can achieve exact impedance matching by plugging in an extra phono plug with the appropriate values.   Rear Panel The circuitry is derived from the MX Vynl,… Read more »