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Niagara 7000

Audioquest Niagara 7000


Niagara 7000 Low-Z Power | Noise-Dissipation System Redefining the Science of Power Conditioning AudioQuest is proud to introduce their Niagara 7000 Low-Z Power Noise-Dissipation System, a complete rethinking of AC power filtration, designed by one of the field’s foremost experts, Garth Powell. As with every AQ product before, and more recently their DragonFly USB DAC… Read more »

Niagara 1000

Audioquest Niagara 1000


Niagara 1000 Niagara 1000 brings the benefits of highly optimised power management to far more music lovers. Designed by Garth Powell, the Niagara 1000 embodies the very same design philosophy and incorporates the same patented technology found in its larger sibling, the Niagara 7000, but packs it into a smaller, sleeker enclosure—at a fraction of… Read more »

Naim Audio 555 PS


555 PS The ultimate upgrade Not everyone sees hi-fi as Naim do. For them, a smooth, stable, low-noise power supply isn’t just desirable: it’s fundamental to proper hi-fi performance. Nowhere is that belief more clearly exemplified than in their reference 555 PS, the best power supply in their portfolio. Originally designed to partner their world-class… Read more »