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Audio Research LS28


LS28 Inspired by the lauded Reference 6, the LS28 can musically transform the nest audio system. Flexible and intuitive, the LS28 offers a remarkable level of performance in its price range. Dynamics, clarity, and a transparent, three-dimensional presentation is a given, yet the larger power supply and redesigned circuitry in the LS28 offers much more… Read more »

Reference 75 SE

Audio Research Reference 75 SE


Reference 75 SE VACUUM TUBE STEREO POWER AMPLIFIER, 75 WATTS The Reference 75 SE is a stunning amplifier in every way – performance, styling and reliability combined to elevate your music listening to a new experience. Capable of controlling a wide variety of speakers, the Reference 75 SE will transport you into the musical performance unlike any… Read more »


Audio Research REF 6


REF 6 Stereo preamplifier Almost since the inception of the brand, Audio Research has produced some of the finest components for music reproduction; this is especially true with regard to preamplifiers. In 1973, the SP3 was hailed as the best preamplifier available, and this tradition of excellence has continued ever since. The Reference Series from… Read more »